It can never hurt to slap on a fresh coat of paint inside or outside your home. And it helps to know what crazy trends are out today. Here are the 2018 summer paint trends that might just find their way to your home.

”Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do.” - Edgar Degas

Go Tropical

Salmon is an often underused color for interiors
Thinking of pink? Try salmon in the bedroom. Source: Irastar

It’s summer, so that means vacation mode. When you think of vacation, most people think of tropical islands and beaches with clear water. Encourage that in your home interior too! Painting your home interior with tropical colors will just add to that relaxed vacation feeling. Some of the 2018 summer paint trends include:

  • Coral
  • Marigold
  • Jade
  • Sea green
  • Flamingo pink
  • Soft blue
  • Lemon
  • Indigo
  • Light purple
  • Peach
  • Sage
  • Rose

Try Exotic Colors

Another way to celebrate the heat is to have exotic tones in your home. Not only will this warm up the house interior (especially noticeable when the temperature drops back down again), it will present an unmistakable look that few homes can duplicate. Bright red, light green, and deep blue all make for a very interesting summer color palette.

Refreshing Whites

Another interesting choice in interior paint
Different whites can achieve different moods. Source: HGTV

An alternative option to bright coloring is painting with whites. It’s a more subtle way to decorate, and leaves you with the ability to add a splash of color every now and then. Using white is a very sensible choice that fits with the color trends 2018 has to offer.

Bright, Popping Tones

Hot pink, canary yellow, and lime green immediately stand out, and just seem to go with summer. It’s almost like they’re bright enough to emit their own heat! The summer colors 2018 has to offer consist of anything that makes a room “pop.” So use with caution, because these colors are so loud you might have hearing problems later.

Ultra Bright, Super Sweet

The brightest of bright yellows for a home
A loud yellow makes for a bold statement. Source: HGTV

The 2018 color trends homes are seeming to experiment with all seem to have one thing in common: brightness. It seems like this is the year that ordinary (dull) paints have finally started to get phased out. Many new homeowners are trying out these super bright tones not just to add some new life to old rooms, but also to stand out in the crowd. If 2018 is any indication so far, this could be the painting equivalent of a teenager’s rebel years.

Deep, Suave Dark Colors

Immediately contrasting everything in this article, caviar black is making its rounds not just in paint, but also in choice of furniture. It’s certainly one of the darkest summer paint colors we’ve seen yet. But it does possess a certain charm to its nature. It looks like dark colors aren’t completely out of touch with modern times yet.

Valspar Choices

Kitchens can benefit from an assortment of old school colors
Valspar has the right paint for your home. Source: Sustainablue

The paint brand Valspar has also released their favorite colors for 2018. While certainly more traditional in appearance, they’re certainly different in their own regards. It seems as though the summer color palette is whatever homeowners feel to be right for their homes.

Want to know all the latest paint trends? Summer is just the right time to give the exterior a fresh coat. Get a free estimate from a pro today!

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