Summer is finally here! And with good weather comes the time to make some home improvements to invite the season in.

By adopting one (or a combination) of the following summer projects, you can start an incredible home upgrade without breaking the bank - whether you can go for painting walls, wallpaper installation, floor refinishing, or tile work!

Get inspired, start planning, and good luck!

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Paint with the colors of summer

paint with the colors of summer
Try some bold paint colors this summer! Source: Sofas and Sectional

There are many advantages of painting the walls in the summer!

Everything dries quicker, the smell of paint goes away faster, and the warm weather makes the paint thinner and easier to handle. And obviously, it’s a great opportunity to try new paint colors you haven’t tried before!

Remember in most cases you’ll need a coat of primer before you start painting!

A few summer paint colors to inspire you!

Summer paint colors for your home improvement project!
Orange Pop. Source: The Designer Pa

Here are some trending paint colors for the summer:

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Try a sample before committing

Unsure of which paint color you want? Your best course of action is purchasing a small sample of the colors you want the most and trying them out on your wall - this way you can be sure you choose the perfect color!

Cut the paint in half

Paint color ideas for the summer!
Source: Color House Paint

Think bold paint colors for the entire wall are a little too much? Consider cutting the paint!

Take the image above as an example: you can paint only the lower half of the wall with a bold and strong color, and have upper half a more neutral tone. It’s a nice compromise and it looks Pinterest worthy!

Summer wallpaper trends

Summer wallpapers trends for your home upgrade!
Source: House Beautiful

Wallpaper is great if you think painting your walls is a little too much for the moment, since wallpaper installation is usually easier, less permanent, and cheaper!

The image above shows a very popular wallpaper trend this year - a charming combination of geometric shapes and textures to form a rich and elegant look.

Wallpaper ideas for your summer home improvement project
Source: MuralsWallpaper

If patterns and shapes aren’t your thing, you can get something like the image above - a lovely water color style wallpaper!

Textured wallpaper for your home!
Source: MuralsWallpaper

No, those aren’t real wood boards - it’s just a really cool textured wallpaper!

Want to try wallpaper installation by yourself?

To hang wallpapers by yourself, you’re going to need a few things:

  • paperhanging scissors
  • level
  • sponge
  • seam roller
  • paperhanging brush
  • pasting brush
  • cutting edge
  • wallpaper paste

Now, take a look at the full tutorial on How To Wallpaper a Room from the DIY Network!

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Floor refinishing

Floor refinishing is a great project to start during the summer!
Source: DIY Network

Summer is a great time to refinishing wood floors!

Refinishing floors is a pretty demanding job, so we recommend you hire a pro to do it - unless you’ve done it before, there are many things you would need to learn and materials you would need to buy.

You and your family will probably have to move out for a few days to let the pros do their magic. It’s a great opportunity to visit the relatives or spend some time with the family in a beach house!

But if you want to give it a go, here’s How to Refinish Hardwood Floors!

Tile work

Tile work is a great way to upgrade your home!
Source: Good House Keeping

With tile work you can quickly add color and personality to a room without having to spend much! Above, you see a simple inlaid tile rug adding extra charm to what would otherwise be a neutral looking kitchen.

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Back-splash is an easy way to renew your kitchen!
Source: Polarismc

Speaking of tile work, you can easily create a tile back-splash in your kitchen!

Changing the back-splash of your kitchen can update the entire room and add a sense of style and personality. It’s an easy and relatively inexpensive way to breathe new life into your kitchen. Feeling crafty already? We’ll teach you how to install backsplash in five steps!

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