Pool Services

In maintaining a pool, there are many different tasks that you need to do to ensure clear, swimmable water. Making sure the pH levels are stable is a job in itself, and there are filters to take care of as well as cleaning the water and lining. These pool services can be done by professionals for both convenience and performance reasons. The following types of pools can be readily installed in your backyard:

  • Concrete


  • Fiberglass


  • Vinyl


  • Aboveground


  • Inground


  • Spa


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Pool Cleaning

To make sure you pool is safe to swim in and clear of debris, you're going to want to invest in pool cleaning. This will ensure that your swimming pool is totally clean and able to be swam in. Safety is a major concern for pool owners (2).

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Pool Companies

There are many companies in the industry that can offer a wide array of services for your swimming pool. Pool companies can install, clean, and maintain your pool for a reasonable fee. Pool builders and pool contractors can easily create and service your pool for as long as you want. This is incredibly convenient and cost worthy for homeowners.

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Pool Heater

For the ultimate in pool luxuries, consider having a pool heater installed. It can heat your pool's water and provide comfort for everyone swimming (3). Not only does this make the pool far more enjoyable, it's also a feature that adds value to your home. Pool heaters can be made to use:

  • Solar
  • Electric (heat pump)
  • Gas
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Pool Installation

While there are many types of pools available, if you're looking to have one installed on your property, it's always best to go with professional craftsmanship. Pool installation can outfit your home with a swimming pool that is fun in the summer and increases your property value. You can find a pool for any budget and backyard. Thanks to the ADA, many custom options are more available now with the implementation of "universal design" (4).

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Pool Plastering

Eventually pools will take damage over time. Cracks, chips, and dings occur from normal use, and when this happens you'll need to fix it. Otherwise the pool structure could leak or fail. Pool plastering can take care of any structural or cosmetic issues. Pool repairs such as this are necessary every now and then, depending on frequency of use and severity of damage.

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Pool Renovations

Occasionally you'll want to add a feature to your pool, or simply increase its size. In these cases consider pool renovations. The easiest form or rebuilding for concrete installations, there are renovations available for vinyl and fiberglass. Select the services you want to include from the list of possible renovations (5).

  • Replastering
  • Tile repair
  • Deck additions
  • Replacing lining
  • Plumbing upgrade
  • Coping replacement
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Pool Repair

As a generality, pool repair is anything done to fix select issues in or around your pool. This also varies according to which type of pool you had, be it concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass (6). This is very similar to renovation. Ultimately, the repair work that you need will usually be the most pressing or at the very least, the minimum to make the pool swimmable again. This can include:

  • Liner problems
  • Collapsed walls
  • Leaks
  • Filtration issues
  • Plumbing problems
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Pool Resurfacing

Another service that changes depending on which material your pool is made out of, pool resurfacing can pave over cracks and chips or tears and restore your pool to "good as new." Any marks are immediately covered up and it also improves the lifespan of the pool. Depending on what kind of pool you own, the following services can be applicable (7):

  • Painting
  • Plaster
  • Tile
  • Fiberglass
  • Aggregate
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Any time that a body of water is being used for health and relaxation it becomes a spa. There are many spas with many different kinds of features depending on what you want your spa to do. Most commonly features are jets and heat. Should any of these units break down, spa repair is also a handy service that can solve your problems. Spa treatments have been shown to improve many health related issues, including (8):

  • Joint pain
  • Exhaustion
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Blood pressure
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Walk In Tubs

These models are becoming very popular with elderly homeowners. A walk-in tub is essentially a one person sized tub that you can sit into. It provides older or disabled people with a safe way to stay hygienic. The bottom is also incredibly textured so you won't slip (9). You won't have to worry about falling in the shower with one of these models.

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For a bubbly, relaxing time, think about installing a Jacuzzi for your home. Both interior and exterior models are available, and the pool also seems to have some health benefits. With heat, jets, and lights, a Jacuzzi is a great way to relax. With all these features, it is possible for something to fail in the unit without the entire tub ceasing to work. When this happens, be sure to get Jacuzzi repair to make sure your unit keeps working.

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