We know how hard it can be to pick the right color for your home, it’s intimidating to know that you need to choose the color you’ll be looking at everyday for a long time. The task can even seem more intimidating because that’s the place where you go to take a nice bath and relax the daily stress.

How to choose the best color for the bathroom?

Well, make sure to:

Know what colors react best to your emotions! While blue may be soothing for some, it can light a sadness sparkle in others.

Remember to choose the whole bathroom palette before going out and buying paint, make sure all colors will match and blend in smoothly!

That being said, here are the trendiest, best bathroom paint colors for the year coming up!

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” - Vincent Van Gogh


Black and white is a gorgeous, timeless combination
Black and white is a gorgeous, timeless combination! Image source: Contemporist

We can’t really say the monochromatic style is a trend because it’s a classic, it never goes out of style.

However, we simply couldn’t leave it out of the list!

Black and white is one of the most gorgeous color combinations of all times! It’s calming and versatile - being able to combine all sorts of decor styles with it, whether you go for industrial or minimal.

Green Walls

These walls are gorgeous and perfect for a calming bath
These walls are gorgeous and perfect for a calming bath. Image source: Homedit

Green walls are the upcoming trend, but you can also use green in a variety of places:

  • On the floor tiles
  • On the fixtures
  • By adding houseplants
  • With towels, rugs, and trash cans

According to the tone of green you pick, it can either be calming or energizing. Make sure to find out which you like more!

Shades of Gray

Nuances of gray can create a gorgeous bathroom for your home.
Nuances of gray can create a gorgeous bathroom for your home. Image source: Maison Valentina

Did you know gray and white make a room look larger? Not only that, you can create a super interesting bathroom by adding some pops of color with accessories around the bathroom!

If you want a more cheerful bathroom, use hues of yellow, orange, or green. If, however, you prefer a more calming atmosphere, go with hues of blue and peach pink.

Neutral Beige

Beige is calming and comforting.
Beige is calming and comforting. Image source: DigsDigs

Beige is a great neutral color because you can combine it with pretty much anything and it will look amazing. Since colors affect our mood, once again you need to think about what kind of energy you want in your bathroom!

  • For an energizing bath: add vibrant colors like Terracotta orange
  • To keep it casual and classic: use contrasts of black
  • Maintaining neutrality: a light, dull gray, and white are the best combo with beige

Tip: If you have a small bathroom, keep it white and add some touches of beige. That will make your space look bigger and brighter!


Teal is a unique color that will make your bathroom beautiful.
Teal is a unique color that will make your bathroom beautiful. Image source: Northern Virginia

Teal is probably the best choice if you want to have a unique bathroom! The color is not that common in bathrooms, there aren’t that many people talking about it. Thought you will find some amazing inspiration photos!

Teal is a gorgeous color that is kind of blue, kind of green, neither, and both at the same time. It’s crazy, but it looks amazing - so totally worth the addition in the bathroom! It can be used on walls or to paint the cabinets (or both).

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