If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate a wine cellar, remodel a room, or even build one from scratch, this is surely the place to find the inspiration. Unique decor and furniture are both important, however you need to focus on your budget and space available as well. Take a look at these seven cellars we’ve selected.

Modern Looking

Modern looking cellar.
Image source: Brit + CO

While this wine cellar is clearly modern with its ethereal blue lighting, it has an Old World look due to the hardwood flooring and cathedral arches. This construction actually creates a nice balance between the classic and modern styles.

Smart Use of Space

Smart use of space.
Image source: Brit + CO

Using that space under the stairs is a smart way to place a wine cellar in your house. This one is quite simple, yet it still draws attention - a well lit space can do wonders. You can also find more Clever Wine Cellars to Put Under the Stairs.

Rustic Look

Rustic looking cellar.
Image source: Home Stratosphere

The rustic style goes hand-in-hand with a wine cellar! Wine is considered a classy and classic beverage, and this vintage rustic look matches it perfectly. Hire a carpentry service to have the best wine cellar room.

Clever Setting

Clever setting.
Image source: Airows

If you don’t have enough space under your house to build a cellar, you can improvise with a bit of creativity. Just remember to make your remodeling plan according to what’s necessary to keep a good wine for the long run. That means you’ll need to call an HVAC expert to come around and install a proper cooling system.

Castle Cellar

Castle cellar.
Image source: Home Stratosphere

A small space can also make a beautiful cellar, you just need the right decor ideas. In addition, you might also follow these steps on How To Convert a Closet Into a Wine Room.

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Trapdoor to underground wine cellar.
Image source: Airows

The main idea here is that the trapdoor leads to a wine cellar that uses the earth itself as a cooling system. No power is required to keep a constant temperature. Find more information at The Kitchn.

Bonus: David Burke Prime

Wine cellar from David Burke Prime restaurant.
Image source: Domino

This is actually a wine cellar from the David Burke Prime restaurant, but it’s just so beautiful we had to add it here.

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