There are many ways you can upgrade, repaint, or completely change an upholstered piece of furniture - many of which cost a lot less than purchasing new furniture. Take a quick look at these incredible ideas for saving old or worn out furniture and get inspired for a new project!

A Brand New Chair

Chair before and after upholstery project
Source: PopSugar

This chair was bland and uninteresting before; it definitely looked like something you’d find on a garage sale or even the trash. But after some polishing and new fabric, you’d think you’re looking at something right out of a catalog!

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Double the Fun

Double project upholstery
Source: HomeEdit

This duo clearly shows its age and usage at first glance, but a simple reupholstery project was all it needed to shine again. Look at those beauties!

Repainted Chair

Blue chair upholstery painting project before and after
Source: Apartment Therapy

Believe it or not, this incredible result didn’t involve new fabric - it was just a very good paint over! It’s a cost-effective solution if you need a brand new looking chair for a low price.

Classy couch

Classy couch reupholstery project
Source: Revitaliste

Now this is what we call a true make over! An old, worn out couch got a completely new look with new fabric, replaced feet, and tufting. It looks so comfy you could probably sleep on it - if you have pets, we know they will.


Footstool project
Source: Revitaliste

Don’t throw away your old footstool just yet - there is still a quick and easy way to save it for very cheap! A simple fabric replacement and a little polish is all you need to get it in presentation condition again.

Presidential Chair

Amazing chair upholstery upgrade project before and after
Source: Craftnik

This presidential office chair went from worn out to absolutely incredible with a simple make over! It’s literally so beautiful it could be in a museum.

Repainted Furniture

Furniture upholstery project
Source: Apartment Therapy

Another great example of what a simple upholstery paint job can do - a completely new look that’s easy on the eyes and light on your wallet!

From Vintage to Modern

Vintage to modern upholstery project
Source: Remodelista

The original couch looked beautiful as well, but due to its vintage look and fragility, it wasn’t really suited for usage. That’s exactly what the modern make over fixed - it looks more like it belongs and therefore, looks like you can sit on it without breaking!

Saving the Couch

Saving the couch upholstery project
Source: Apartment Therapy

Look at that lost puppy! Remember, if you find one these laying around for a bargain, there’s always a way to save it. Just look at what it looks like after the reupholstery project - incredible!

Change Things Up

Table into footstool upholstery project
Source: Crafty Sisters

Did you know you can turn an old center table into a beautiful bench with a simple reupholstery project? It’s worth considering if you have one of these small tables you don’t use - it serves as a beautiful little decor detail for your home!

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