Old is the new ‘new’. -Anonymous
Vintage home decor for your dining room
Vintage pieces, like this dining table, can make a house feel like a home. Via Home Decor.

Home decor is something everyone seems to have an opinion about these days, and luckily there are plenty of big box stores and outlets where you can buy housewares in practically any style you like. But even so, there’s something to be said for the style of past generations of interior design - not only are vintage pieces generally of better quality, but incorporating vintage style into your home can feel much more warm and cozy, along with giving your house a custom look that you can create based on your own taste. So whether you’re a fan of the ‘60s or you dream about antiques, forgo the lines at Target for something more stylish, more likely to last, and most importantly, more you.

Why Go Vintage?

White vintage furniture decor for a home
This vintage bench is complemented by the candelabra and beautiful frames. Via Vintage Home Decor DIY.

Looking for more reasons to go vintage?

  •  Your decor will always be unique and custom based on your own tastes.
  •  You’re making eco-friendly choices by reusing what’s already been created (rather than buying something new).
  •  You can find great, beautiful items to incorporate without emptying your bank account to pay for them.
  •  Going vintage usually means supporting local businesses instead of big box companies.
  •  Incorporating vintage elements into a more modern interior design keeps your home feeling fun and fresh.

How to Add Vintage Style to Your Home

Shop Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Estate Sales

Love these pink vintage DIY decor
You can use a barnhouse window frame to frame your decor; large wooden letters are easy finds at flea markets! Via International Decor.

If you don’t often frequent these spaces, you’d be surprised at the incredible things you can find! Thrift stores are great for smaller pieces of decor (though some thrift stores also have furniture), and you can find nearly anything at a flea market. Antique stores also have some amazing pieces, though they tend to be a little more expensive (like flea markets, you can occasionally haggle the price down, but this is definitely not true in every antique store). One of the most exciting parts of incorporating vintage decor is the process of finding the decor you want - you can’t just go to a store knowing exactly what you want to buy, but the moment when you discover the perfect piece makes the looking worth it. It takes patience, an open mind, and sometimes the willingness to do a little DIY cleaning, fixing, or crafting, but take this approach and you’re sure to find exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for!

Pick a Theme

Vintage blue kitchen and dining room options
The retro appliances in this kitchen add a pop of color and whimsy; the white cabinets tie the look together. Via Marathon Hardwoods.

Vintage can mean different things to different people, and while you might love both the retro decor of the ‘50s and the rustic decor characteristic of the ‘Old West’, they might work better in different spaces than in the same space. Choose an area you want to focus on and think about what kind of a look you want. Then, as you find pieces you like, incorporate them into that space if they match or save them for another space. While not everything has to be exactly alike, you don’t want to mix styles too much or your interior design will begin to look more eclectic than vintage.

Find a Statement Piece

Wooden kitchen furnishing options
Farmhouse sinks are the epitome of form meeting function. Via Vintage Tub.

If you’re not sure where to start, try combing through thrift stores and flea markets for a statement piece - a big(ish) piece of vintage furniture or decor around which you can organize the rest of your home. Maybe you find the perfect vintage coffee table for the living room, or you invest in the perfect farmhouse sink for the kitchen. Once you have your inspiration piece, organize your decor around it - find vintage coasters for the table, or incorporate rustic wood for the kitchen island. With a statement piece, you can use other vintage pieces or take advantage of more modern pieces and you’ll still achieve the perfect vintage feel you like.

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