Did you know you can care for your home maintenance without feeling overwhelmed?

It’s simple:

You just need to divide tasks and do a bit each time, and NOT wait until your house is falling apart to act upon it. There are some home maintenance tasks you can do weekly to prevent further damage and repair costs. Want to know what they are? Here are some of the tasks you can tackle to keep your home shiny and bright!

“Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home... it's your responsibility to love it, or change it. - Chuck Palahniuk

Checking for Mold

Mold is the worst, avoid it from ever appearing in your house.
Mold is the worst, avoid it from ever appearing in your house. Source: Dr. Axe

I’ll get started with what I think is the worst task (at least for me) to already get it out of the way.

And that is: checking for mold.

Mold is something so annoying and it grows quickly, so you need to constantly check to prevent it from spreading too much.

Pay special attention to the laundry room and bathrooms since damp places tend to have more mold growth. Remember to check the appliances that require constant use of water too, like the washing machine and dishwasher.

Floor Cleaning

Keep the floors clean and also prevent allegies!
Keep the floors clean and also prevent allergies! Source: Martha Stewart

Cleaning the floors is a simple thing and you probably already knew about this one, right? If you don’t feel like mopping or vacuuming every week, a simple sweep should be enough to get rid of dead skin cells, food crumbs, and decomposing insects.

Tip: wrap the broom with a slightly damp rag so you actually remove the dirt instead of just spreading it around.

Fridge Cleaning

Clean the fridge so food never goes to the trash.
Clean the fridge so food never goes to the trash! Source: The Pragmatic Parent

I can tell from my experience as a homeowner this task is constantly forgotten (more like ignored but let’s use “forgotten for now). Here’s why you should clean the fridge every week:

  • Prevent smells
  • Know what you need to buy
  • Avoid expired products build up
  • Avoid stains
  • Keep it sanitized

Despite being a bit more work to do, this task is definitely worth it. If you need to choose one thing to focus on, I strongly recommend cleaning the fridge.

Of course,

I also say this because I love food and cooking and because we use the fridge a lot over here! I can only imagine every home has a foodie, right?

Disinfecting Kitchen Appliances

Keep everything clean and sanitized.
Keep everything clean and sanitized. Source: Elle Decor

Also regarding the kitchen, it’s really important to keep the appliances clean and disinfected. That’s because germs are easily transferred. So, you need to weekly clean:

  • Faucet, door, and cabinet knobs
  • Kitchen towels and sponges
  • Trash can

This will help keep a clean house and a healthy environment for the family too!

Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

Clean the windows every week to prevent stains.
Clean the windows every week to prevent stains. Source: Home Bunch

To avoid the need of washing the windows more than once a year (when spring cleaning time comes!), you should weekly clean the windows yourself. You can do this with some alcohol, vinegar, and a microfiber cloth. And this cleaning mix also works wonders for your mirrors - and since you look yourself in the mirror every day, do a bit of cleaning every week too.

More than that,

Clean general glass spread around the house, like shower doors and water fixtures.

How’s the homeowner life treating you? Get some help from a professional cleaning service to rest for a weekend!

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