Landscaping may seem simple on the surface, but it’s far more complex than most homeowners give it credit for. If you want to start your own garden and care for your lawn, sure, that’s not rocket science – but landscaping on a whole involves a lot more than that.

If you have a large tree in your patio, you might need more water and nutrients in your soil to keep it healthy, especially if you want to add more plants, flowers and trees. If you want to landscape around slopes, that can be challenging without proper planning. If the area where you live has regular floods, rainfall, mudslides, or other natural disasters, only a professional landscaper can plan around it.

You get the idea. Landscaping isn’t just about making your patio look pretty, it requires a great deal of knowledge about the area you live, soil condition, weather forecast, draining, and much more. Which is why you have to know when to hire a landscaper. Let’s break it down, shall we?

“Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going." – Sam Levenson

Add value

First and foremost, a good landscaping project can add tons of value to your home – particularly useful if you plan on selling it. Professional landscaping is an investment not just for the looks, but for the value of your home on a long-term plan.

But there are other benefits from increasing your home’s value even if you don’t plan on selling it right now, so the project should definitely be considered.

Working around difficult conditions

Landscaping can get really complicated when you have to work around limitations. What can you do if your space for landscaping contains a particularly awkward slope? What if you have very little space to work with? What if you have to leave an area untouched for plumbing access in case of emergencies?

None of these are deal breakers, but they definitely require the help of a professional landscaper to get around. Even if you have a ton of space for landscaping, that can also pose a challenge – how do you add cohesive elements to such a large area without overspending and while making sure it’s possible to maintain all of it?

It may seem like complex problems for us, but these are the bread and butter for professionals. Talk to a landscaping pro if you have any of these doubts!

Environment-friendly landscaping

Landscaping pros know exactly how to make your projects environment-friendly. Focusing on local flora is always a great start, but there are other small and big ways you can help your local habitat and the environment as a whole.

An environment-friendly landscaping project includes elements such as: 

  • Smart irrigation systems
  • Using perennials effectively
  • Making use of mulch to prevent water loss
  • Opting for native plants
  • Adopting a rain barrel
  • Implementing hardscape

All of these serve their purpose to save resources and protect your landscape while remaining sustainable!

Plan for natural disasters

Many regions in America need to prepare for natural disasters that pose a risk to their residence, such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires.

There are definitely a few steps you can take to protect your landscaping (as well as your home) from these occurrences with proper planning. For example, if floods are somewhat regular where you live, your lawn and plants can suffer. But a proper irrigation and draining system can remedy the situation, at least before it gets to extremes.

Talk to a professional landscaper and inquire about safety precautions against natural disasters to know more!

Outdoor space

Showing off the front patio is definitely an awesome project, but maybe you just have a little bit of space in the back and want to make something special out of it. A place to hang out outdoors with nature on your side.

Despite the limited space, a landscaping pro can make it work. You’ll want something self-contained, fairly easy to maintain, but still beautiful during every season. A few tricks of the trade will be necessary to determine which plants and trees are better for this space, as well as opting for real or faux lawn depending on the region.

But ultimately, it’s possible to create the perfect outdoor space with the help of a landscaping pro!

Want to plan your next landscaping project? Get free quotes from professional landscapers in your area today!


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