Adding plant life to your backyard can completely transform the landscape. Trees, in particular, are very popular and not just because they bring a unique level of greenery. They also provide shade, making sure the space is as comfortable as it can be all year long. 

However, before you begin looking for autumn trees for your backyard, it’s important to be careful as you choose which species to go for, to make sure you pick low-maintenance options that will easily thrive. 

Keep reading to learn some of the most popular backyard trees homeowners go for! 

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." – Albert Camus


The dogwood tree is very popular among homeowners for two main reasons: 

  1. First, it has a very thin stem and overgrown branches. This means that it’s able to give you loads of shade without eating a lot of space in the yard. 
  2. The tree also produces beautiful pink or white flowers that will add a bold statement to your property. 

Whether you go for a pink or white flowering species, dogwood has such a unique and eye-catching look that enhances your home’s curb appeal if planted on the front porch, and creates a beautiful and cozy atmosphere if nurtured in the backyard. 

Sugar Maple 

The sugar maple grows really tall and it produces a lush orange foliage that will always bring that cozy fall feeling in the air. 

The tree also has a spreading canopy, making sure its dominant stature is seen by everyone. With such a big presence, this option will provide you with loads of shade, making it perfect for those who suffer with hot sunny days.

Silver Maple 

The lush greenery adds a beautiful look and great shade to the space. Source: Maplelandia
The lush greenery adds a beautiful look and great shade to the space. Source: Maplelandia

In case you’re not interested in adding too much color to your yard and if you like nature’s simplicity, then you can still go for different types of trees that offer a lush green foliage. 

Silver maple is a great option here. It grows very tall and comes with a spread-out canopy as well, but instead of colorful orange foliage like the sugar maple variant, it has beautiful green leaves that will add an aura of freshness to your outdoor space.

'Green Giant' Arborvitae

Speaking of green foliage, another option to consider is the beautiful 'Green Giant' Arborvitae. These trees are typically designed for people who want to add a little more privacy to their backyard, since they tend to have very thick foliage. 

It’s basically a natural screen that will keep all those prying eyes off. It’s also a fast-growing evergreen that requires very little maintenance.

The Red Oak

Red oaks are durable and domineering trees that provide beautiful amber leaves during fall. They can grow up to 75 feet tall, making them some of the largest tree species in the world. 

If you need to get more shade in a larger backyard, placing a red oak in the middle will do the trick, since they have a large rounded canopy.

The American Holly

Some trees are often preferred for their ornamental value and the American Holly ticks this category in all ways. 

The tree combines a lush green background with bright red blooms that come out during spring. 

It creates the perfect color balance that will easily appeal to any eye, making the space much more interesting and lively.

The Tulip Tree 

The tulip tree is becoming more and more popular nowadays, for a handful of reasons:

  • It’s an ornamental piece that combines lush green foliage and bright colored blooms
  • It’s one of the most weather-resistant options, and it can grow in a significant majority of climates. 
  • It grows fast and tall. On average, a tulip tree can grow two feet each year and will hit nearly 75 feet when it’s fully grown. 
  • The spread-out canopy also gives you a lot of shade.
  • It looks beautiful!


The crabapple tree is all about color and bold appeal. It can produce these beautiful blooms all year long, and the wide diversity of colors really makes it a spectacle. 

During spring, the most common variety produces a combination of pink, white, and red flowers, and this option is preferred mostly for its beauty.

Have you decided which trees you want in your backyard? Then contact a local landscaper to make it a reality!


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