Keeping your home warm, comfortable, and energy efficient in the winter requires care and attention on a number of different parts of the house including just about every opening and exterior-facing surface you can name. With that in mind, many homeowners wisely insulate their attics and basements where cold temperatures can most easily enter the home, freeze plumbing, and leech away at your home’s heat. But, this leaves three major surfaces which, together, make up the majority of the home and the majority of the heat-loss which American home’s experience every year: windows, doors, and walls. Fortunately, applying insulating materials to these surfaces is easily done by using these simple tips along with the expert assistance of professional insulating contractors where your own abilities are limited.

Window Insulation Services

Your home’s windows allow a significant amount of heat to escape if they aren't properly sealed and while some windows are damaged to the point that they need professional repairs or replacements, most homeowners can provide a very effective temporary solution to their drafty window problems. Using DIY solutions including things as simple as draft snakes or thick, layered curtains can do wonders to keeping your home more comfortable through the cold winter season. However, most homeowners opt for more effective DIY solutions with both window film insulation kits and a combination of weatherstripping and caulking ensuring a lasting solution to drafty windows and high heating bills. With careful application of all these DIY solutions homeowners can quickly and affordably supply window insulation solutions which will last through whatever the season has in store.

Exterior Door Insulation Services

It may not seem it but your home’s door can let an enormous amount of frigid air into your home even when it’s closed. Largely this is because of the amount of wear-and-tear which your exterior doors endure each year and the minuscule cracks which arise as a result. When these cracks are left unaddressed the heat you pay for each month is allowed an easy exit right through your front door! Homeowners can effectively insulate their exterior doors through similar means as window insulation services, including layered curtains and draft snakes but also through the installation of storm doors and properly applied caulking and weatherstripping. In this instance the right kind of door insulation can not only prevent drafts and loss of heat but also reduce the risk of pest infestation and water damage while also increasing the time that you can depend on your doors before needing replacement door installations.

Exterior Wall Insulation Services

As one of the largest exterior surfaces on your home, your exterior walls can stop an enormous amount of heat from escaping your home. On the other side of that thought, however, is the realization that improperly insulated exterior walls can allow tremendous amounts of heat to escape. This makes proper wall insulation services one of the most important steps to homeownership since everything from your energy efficiency and comfort to your home’s structural reliability and property value is affected by the quality of insulation found within your walls. The Department of Energy advises homeowners to have a professional assess your home’s need for insulation installation if you are at all concerned about the reliability of your home’s exterior wall insulation or if there are portions of the home which are noticeably lacking in warmth. That said, some homeowners feel confident enough to install wall insulation on their own and many sources provide helpful guides on how to successfully perform the steps required. Whether you choose to attempt this work on your own, or contact professional insulation specialists, the completed project can do wonders for your home’s comfort and utility bills.

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