When you need to work in a home office, it’s important to create a cozy and comfortable space that will allow you to concentrate. However, not everyone has a free room in the house that they can use for this purpose. So what can you do?

An easy solution is to combine your workspace with the guest bedroom. With simple and practical tips, you can keep the space organized and functional, not only for working but also for when you have visitors coming. 

Keep reading to find out great workroom ideas that you can easily incorporate at home! 

1. Keep distances in mind

In a space of about 12 x 14 feet, there's no need to move furniture out of the way when you have guests arriving. However, pay attention to how your desk will be placed in the room, to prevent blocking any areas.  

The desk and the chair should be easy to be relocated if needed, and make sure there's room to set them aside and still move around. If possible, there should always be space to walk around the bed. 

2. Small Comforts

A great idea for those who are setting up a small home office in their bedroom, but which also works very well in a large space, is knowing how to make the most out of the room's walls.

  • Invest in niches and shelves that will leave the room more organized. 
  • A memory board will help you keep your appointments and work routine always in order. 
  • Good lighting is also essential for a home office in the bedroom, as it is a great ally of the two spaces in the environment. Adequate lighting can help your guest bedroom become more welcoming and is also necessary for you to work better.

In addition to artificial lighting, it is also important to take advantage of natural lighting, so try to create your home office space near the window.

3. Lean on multi-purpose furniture

Multifunctional furniture pieces can be great allies when creating a home office space in a guest bedroom. They are perfect to complement the room as they will facilitate the work routine and also bring comfort to guests who will use them as a place to recharge their energies.

  • Take advantage of bedside tables. Leave them close to the desk to store pens, or use the drawers to store papers. 
  • The closet can be used not only for clothes and bedding, but also to store books, paper, and other office supplies. Make sure to leave a section just for that. 
  • A bed that doubles as a sofa can be a great solution if you want the space to look more professional.
  • Enclosed under-bed storage can help you store heavy blankets and extra pillows, as well as office supplies that you don’t use often. 

4. Dividers for comfort and privacy

If you have the space, investing in a divider to separate the two environments is the ideal solution for a home office in a modern bedroom.

It doesn't have to be anything big or closed. Especially in small rooms, it is important to think about hollow elements that provide a feeling of spaciousness and lightness, such as an open bookcase or even a big rug to define the office space. 

There are plenty of home office ideas out there, but it’s important to focus on things that will keep the space functional and productive. A local interior decorator can help you design the space if you’re feeling stuck! 


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