Having a cramped bedroom can occasionally make you feel as if you're losing your mind. Though you know you put things in a certain place, you can't find them. You'll often have things that you want to make room for but feel as though you can't sacrifice any of your existing space. 

Believe it or not, you can have a small bedroom and still maintain your sanity as long as you use the right space saving bedroom ideas. Keep reading to learn more! 

“Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude." – Ralph Marston

Get Rid of Bulky Furniture

Many people assume that they need traditional bedroom furniture such as a huge bed and at least one dresser. Getting rid of those bulky pieces can save you tons of space. 

If you have a closet in the room, you may realize that you don't need a dresser. A chest of drawers can give you as much storage space as a traditional dresser but take up a fraction of floor space. Some find it helpful to use a closet rack, too.

Use the Windowsill

Depending on where you live, you probably have at least one or two windows in your bedroom. If you're like most people, you don't use the windowsill because you assume you can find room elsewhere. 

Windowsills are great storage space savers because they are spots that you don't usually use. A windowsill is often large enough to hold those stacks of books that you keep around for reading before bed along with plants and decorative items.

Eliminate Wasted Spaces

Even large bedrooms can seem small and cramped because of wasted space. If you want to make a small bedroom work for you, eliminate all of the wasted space in the room. Any spot that you don't use is wasted space. 

This includes the back of your bedroom door and the back of your closet along with the space hidden below your bed. There are many plastic storage containers designed for use under your bed. They often have handles that you can grasp and wheels that help you slide them in and out from your bed as needed.

Opt for Double-Duty Pieces

One of the top space saving furniture ideas that you can try is the use of double-duty pieces. This refers to furniture that you can use in more than one way. 

For example, you might try a lounge chair that unfolds to reveal a bed or mattress inside. Not only does it give you a comfortable place to sit while you read or relax, but you also get a bed for your overnight guests. 

You might consider a headboard with built-in storage, too. These headboards don't take up any extra space but give you tons of room to store books and anything else that you need.

Consider a Different Bed

Whether you have a double bed or something larger, consider replacing it with a smaller option or a different kind of bed. 

  • One option is a futon. You can unfold it to create a mattress for bedtime and fold it to create a small couch. 
  • Trundle beds are great for those who have friends or family who spend the night because they have a hidden bed beneath the top mattress. 
  • You might also consider a bed that sits closer to the floor. While this gives you less storage space, the bed can open up the room and make it feel much larger.

Go Vertical

Going vertical is another tip that you can try when looking for space saving ideas. This lets you make use of the entire room along with all of the vertical space on the walls. 

You can try installing floating shelves to get rid of a bulky bookcase, or using plastic bins on top of your closet to store out-of-season-clothes. 

Organizers designed for use on the backs of doors are perfect for hanging on your walls. Many have small pockets that give you room for your shoes and other accessories. They even provide storage for makeup and beauty products.

Folding Pieces Can Help

If you do different things in your bedroom and don't have much space, consider investing in a few folding pieces. A good example is a folding rack that lets you lay out your clothes. This rack folds flat for tucking under your bed or in your closet. 

Folding chairs can also come in handy when you want to have friends over for a pampering night or you just want to sit down without getting in bed. 

You don't need to move just to get the space that you need. Try some of the top space saving storage and room makeover ideas to get more out of your bedroom! 


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