Elegant guest bedroom styles like a 5 star hotel
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Holidays are a time for friends and family to gather and enjoy each other’s company. When you hold the gatherings at your home, you need to be prepared for your long-distance guests who need a place to stay. To do that, you’ll need a top-notch guest room. Follow these 5 steps to create and decorate the perfect guest room to make your guests feel cozy, welcome, and comfortable.

Clean, Fresh Bedding

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Clean, fresh bedding is absolutely necessary to make your guest feel at home. There’s nothing worse than climbing into bed after a long day of traveling and feeling like someone else had slept there the night before. Make sure all of the sheets, comforters, pillowcases, towels, facecloths, and extra blankets are freshly cleaned. Your guests will love sinking into a clean bed.

Luggage Storage

A simple bedroom luggage rack can make all the difference
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Don’t force your guests to keep their luggage on the floor. Be sure to have either closet space or drawer space for your guests to use. If there’s no closet or you don’t have room for a dresser, at least get a luggage rack. Your guests will appreciate not having to kneel on the floor to get to their clothes.

Less is More

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When it comes to decorating your guest room, keep it simple. Even if you have a family member staying with you, don’t put your collection of family portraits in the guest room. Hang a nice painting over the bed and maybe a decorative mirror in the room. Keep the tops of end tables and dressers clutter-free. If you have a small guest room, keeping clutter out will make it feel bigger and cleaner. Instead of stocking bathroom shelves and storage with full-size shampoos, conditioners, and toothbrushes, use a basket full of trial-size toiletries instead.

Creature Comforts

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While your guest room isn’t a five-star hotel, you can certainly make it feel luxurious by providing your guest with a few snacks or drink options. At the very least, keep a carafe of water and a drinking glass on the nightstand for your guest. You can also put some fresh fruit in a bowl or basket along with a few chocolates or pretzels. If you have an extra mini fridge laying around, put it in the guest room and stock it with bottles of water or cans of soda.

Little Touches and Details

It's all about the household touches
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Wowing your guests is all about the details and small touches you add to your guest room. Print out your WIFI password, frame it, and put it on the nightstand so your guests don’t have to go searching for it. Use nightlights so your guests can find their way around at night. Keep a tray on the bedside table as a place for your guests to put their personal belongings. Always have a tissue box in your guest room. If your guest room is big enough, use a comfortable chair and a small coffee table to create a small reading nook for your guests to unwind.

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