Interior painting is one of the most popular forms of home remodeling and, in terms of effecting visible change, can be one of the most effective projects as well! But if you’re feeling a bit lost with how to proceed on the best interior painting project for you, there’s just a few steps to keep in mind in order to make sure that the results you receive will be as beautiful and durable as you need, want, and deserve.

Brighten Your Spaces

Using lighter colors in larger spaces is a good rule of thumb.
Use lighter colors for larger areas of space. Source: Home Epiphany

Finding the right color for your rooms can often be difficult. The variety of paint types, colors, and qualities can seem endless and may be overwhelming to consider. But finding the perfect colors for your home is made a lot easier when you remember to stay largely within lighter colored paints for larger areas of space. These shades of color brighten up your home’s living space considerably and can always be accented by bright colors or dark colors which (when used sparingly) provide focal points throughout the entire home.

Proper Preparation

Whether you’re choosing to paint your home by yourself or are hiring trained interior painting contractors, meticulous preparation work is called for long before brush ever meets paint.

Experienced professionals always attest for the importance of things as seemingly overboard as:

  • Removing every item from the room before beginning the project (no matter how far from the walls it may be)
  • Investing in high quality drop-cloths to avoid any risk of bleed through
  • and taping off trim and outlets no matter how steady your painting hand may be.

These steps all ensure that the quality of your finalized painting project is as high as possible, but are all secondary in importance to a thorough surface cleaning before painting. Even the most highly experienced interior painting contractors can’t make your home’s beautiful new appearance last if it was completed over the layer of dust and dirt which naturally arises in a busy home.

Prime Twice, Paint Once

When painting, remember to prime twice and paint once.
A good rule of thumb for getting the best color is to prime twice and paint once.

Once your preparation has come to an end, it’s important to apply a coat of high quality primer to any surfaces you’re intending on painting. Once that layer of primer has dried a second should be applied on top of it to both make sure that the color of the paint underneath isn't visible at all and to provide a perfectly smooth surface on which to apply your new coat of paint.

While it may seem trivial to have such a particularly smooth painting surface, any homeowner who has noticed unevenness or flaws in their home’s paint job will be quick to tell you that it becomes more and more evident over time.

Be Honest About Your Ability

While most homeowners can perform interior painting projects, the results are not likely going to be of a quality comparable to those given by professionally trained, and highly experienced painting contractors. Think carefully about the quality you’re expecting to be comfortable living with for the next few years before making your decision about performing the work on your own. You may find that the benefits of hiring interior painting contractors are more than worth the cost.

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