We all know curb appeal is one of the most important things in a house: a beautiful exterior can make a home unforgettable and boost its value! Thinking about retouching your home’s most important feature? Check out these unbelievable before and after pictures of house makeovers - and all the details behind them!

Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation. Nia Peeples

Old-World Charm

Painting bricks is always a hot topic
Painting bricks is always a hot topic! Source: HGTV

One thing that is always a hot topic and divides opinions is painted bricks. Some love it, some don’t, but we can all agree here that painting this house’s exterior brick walls was the right thing to do! The white color combined with the distressed look made this house look much brighter and fresh, turning the common suburban house into a romantic retreat.

The other changes that transformed this house were:

  • A new front door, which is always a good investment
  • Wood shingles
  • Wood shutters
  • Square post columns

And of course, added greenery, which instantly boosts curb appeal.

Cape Cod Renovation

The added dormer windows transformed this house!
The added dormer windows transformed this house! Source: Hooked on Houses

While the “before” house looks super common and bland, the “after” home deserves a “Wow” from those who pass by.

Adding dormer windows to the existing structure creates the illusion of a second floor, boosting this home’s value and curb appeal. The upgraded front door, pathway, and added greenery complement the transformation, updating the house’s look into a more inviting and welcoming place.

The Indiana House

The blue color made this home much more interesting!
The blue color made this home much more interesting! Source: The Estate of Things

It’s okay, you can take a moment to take that in. Isn’t this transformation breathtaking?! The exterior makeover made this home look brand new, giving that feeling that you just moved into a new, bigger and better home.

Let’s breakdown the details:

  • Gabled porch: This addition made a HUGE difference, making the exterior much more stylish and interesting.
  • Shutter removal: It depends on each homeowner preferences, but in this case the removal made the exterior look cleaner and less busy.
  • Blue exterior: This rich and deep blue brought a luxurious feel to the place.
  • Yellow front door: The fun and joyful color created a great contrast to the dark and moody blue.

Greek Revival

This big transformation focuses on textures and additions!
This big transformation focuses on textures and additions! Source: An Urban Cottage

Bold transformations are not only about new colors and additions: sometimes, a bold transformation can be done just by complementing and reviving the house’s original design.

Here, the covered porch adds an interesting feature to the space, while the floor to ceiling windows makes this home feel more modern and luxurious. The neutral color palette combining gray, black, and white leaves space for the new features and textures to shine.

Traditional and Modern, at the Same Time

The rectangular windows made this house look more modern!
The rectangular windows made this house look more modern! Source: Magnolia Market 

Here’s another gorgeous renovation that transformed a common traditional home into a breathtaking space. The white painted brick exterior made the house feel fresher and brighter - and we have to agree that white is always a great choice!

This renovation went a little further than your normal makeovers, though: changing the arched windows to rectangular ones was a bold move that totally paid off. Combined with the new front door and porch, this transformation looks like something out of our dreams!

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