Some of the craziest things in the world are home features, and hot tubs are no exception. Here’s an article on some of the most outlandish hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and pool features you can dive in! So take a look at your “awesomeness” budget, because I bet these cool hot tubs will be everything you want this season!

”You can often wash your troubles away with the right kind of bath. Throw everything you have into the tub: bubble gels, bubble oils, bubble powders, bubble gum.” - Henry Beard

Cadillac Hot Tub

A real wild ride!
Ever had a hot tub that you could drive around in? Source: YouTube

Yes, that is a fully functional, completely driveable, 100mph hot tub cadillac. It is appropriately named the “Carpool DeVille,” and this less-than-street-legal automobile contains the original 472 V8 engine which is used to heat the actual tub. The pair of friends that designed it hope to win the land speed record for “World’s Fastest Hot Tub.” We had to include this entry as one of the coolest hot tubs ever, ever. Godspeed, gentlemen.

Aqua Dome

It's like a theme park but with hot tubs
Imagine staying here! Source: Wellness Heaven

This wellness center in Austria brings the sightseeing draw of the Alps together with the health benefits of a full spa treatment. A completely functional spa with outdoor facilities as well as a hotel and wellness center, the Aqua Dome had to be on our list as one of the best hot tub deals in the world. This veritable water park boasts the following features:

  • Gym
  • 12 pools
  • 4 restaurants and bars
  • 7 saunas
  • Indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Open all year round

Floating Hot Tub Boat

Yes, there exists a hot tub that also functions as a boat! This hot tub boat is a small craft with a heating feature that can be powered by steam and a rudder. You can choose if the boat remains an above water craft or an in-water jacuzzi with the heating feature on. It can handle up to 6 people, although it is one of the best hot tub for couples. Furthermore, you can just relax the day away or actually use it to get somewhere in the water. It’s all up to you.

The Gueuroz Bridge Hot Tub

That's a little extreme, even for us
Enjoy a hot tub with altitude. Source: Dailymail

Not for the faint of heart. In Switzerland dangling below the Gueuroz Bridge was a hot tub and some of either the bravest or craziest hot tub enthusiasts in the world. They were hanging 150 meters above the ground and wearing helmets and harnesses. In the tub they enjoyed cake and champagne. The tub was eventually removed, but not before being entered in the Guinness book of world records. It will always be remembered as one of the coolest hot tubs ever!

Ice Hot Tub

Ice can be used as a hot tub... once.
The best of both extreme temperatures. Source: Nerdist

Sometimes, science can leave you scratching your head. The ice hot tub is truly a one of a kind and very difficult to build. But it works! For a few moments, at least. The ice hot tub doesn’t last long but nearly all the participants say it’s a great experience. This causes it to rank as one of the top craziest hot tubs ever.

Wine Hot Tub

Would that man steer you wrong?
Or bathe in wine for the full experience. Source: Huffington Post

For wine enthusiasts, Japan’s Yunessun Spa Resort allows them to “cleanse” themselves in a hot tub filled with green tea, sake, or yes, red wine. Claiming that it rejuvenates the body and is something Cleopatra was said to have done regularly, many tourists have rated the spa favorably and there’s even some research to suggest that it could have health benefits. In any case, this is definitely one of the craziest hot tubs we’ve ever seen.

And to finish this list, here’s a hot tub that isn’t that crazy, but is probably the coolest since you can have it in your own home:

Swimming Pool/Hot Tub Combos

Some of the most common and practical hot tub features are the ones that combine a hot tub with a pool. Not only does this save space by combining water features, it also provides a quick way to either warm up or cool down depending on how you’re feeling at that moment. The feature certainly makes for one of the most affordable hot tubs that you can have installed. Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Above-ground
  • In-ground
  • Grotto style
  • Raised hot tub
  • Endless pool model
  • Around a fire pit
  • Hydropool

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