A fantastic way to transform your ordinary bathroom space into a magnificent spa oasis is to add some houseplants. They not only provide beauty, but also absorb carbon dioxide from the air, freshening it and making the space more comfortable. 

Not all plants do well in humid areas, which is why it’s important to know which are the best plants for the bathroom!

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1. Calathea Rattlesnake Lancifolia

This plant is ideal for bathrooms, and this is because it does very well in more humid environments as long as they get medium intensity indirect light. 

This darker green plant has a long and somewhat troubling name, but never mind that, it’s actually pretty common and easy to find in the US. This foliage will dress up drab bathroom spaces and have you singing in the shower in no time.

2. Aloe Plant

Even the name of this low maintenance succulent is soothing just like the gel substance the plant makes that has been used for centuries to heal sunburns and other skin issues. This is a lovely option that won't mind if you are too busy in your lifestyle.

The only thing that this plant does require is having access to plenty of daytime light in brighter sunshine. This can be indirect light, although direct light is preferable. When exposed to enough bright sunlight, the aloe plant may even bloom with vibrant coral-toned blossoms.

3. Golden Pothos

If you are looking for beautiful bathroom plants that absorb moisture, the Golden Pothos should top off your list. This lovely vine plant that trails its tendrils into curly shapes that are stunning to see.

Gardening experts point out that this plant may rebel against too dry of an environment by turning its leaves brown. Move this guy to the bathroom, and the problem will be quickly resolved. This plant does need indirect light, and the intensity can range from low to bright.

4. The Sill or Mini Preserved Living Wall - Dried Moss

Many people do not spend a lot of time in their yards or gardens, so they usually prefer something easy-care that does well in humid areas of the home, such as a steamy bathroom. The best thing about this choice is that it does not require any care whatsoever.

This dried and preserved moss is already installed on what is called a "living wall." This usually means attached to some sort of frame. All you need to do is find a place for it to grace your wall.

Not only is this option smart as it requires zero maintenance, but a perfectly framed moss living wall will transform your bathroom areas into gorgeous works of art.

This plant is often touted as being "idiot proof" according to some plant experts. However, you may want to talk nice around it every so often just in case.

5. Alocasia

Alocasia is a terrific addition to your collection of indoor plants for bathroom spaces. The large leaves with contrasting spiny markings against a rich deep green shade make this plant a stunner that will attract attention from all who see it. 

These plants love some light misting on a regular basis. Keep them in a brighter light that is indirect to encourage good health of your hardworking plant.

6. English Ivy

English Ivy has always been a popular pick for lawns and gardens for eons of time. The dark and exotic looking green shade make these plants a welcome addition to any landscape or bathroom space.

The plant is one of the most resilient plants out there, and it can be placed just about anywhere and still grow and thrive. This green vegetation prefers medium levels of humidity and light.

7. The Monstera Plant

Bathroom design is currently a trend of late, and more individuals are finding ways to bring a bit of the beautiful outdoors inside where busy folks can enjoy the benefits these plants bring. The large and unusually shaped leaves enable this plant to make quite a bold statement.

It can grow and thrive in almost any environment. This includes low light levels for short time periods. Otherwise, provide the plant with indirect light that is bright. This plant seems to adore humid bath areas without complaint or complication.

8. Bamboo

Many consumers are trying to stay committed to reducing their family's overall carbon footprint on the planet. 

Bamboo grows in water, and it can survive in low-light areas. This plant is great for humid bathrooms that do not have much natural sunlight. Should you happen to get a panda bear, the bamboo will come in handy.

9. Heart Leaf Philodendron

Gardening experts often recommend the attractive heart leaf philodendron to those plant lovers that are relatively new to this hobby. It is another plant type that tends to survive in all kinds of conditions. This plant will even grow bigger when in high humidity areas like a bathroom.

Be warned, this trailing philodendron with the distinct heart-shaped green leaves tends to toss its tendrils around in a dramatic fashion from time to time.

10. Bird's Nest Fern

Ferns in general are considered easy to care for, and this plant does fine in lower light areas. They prefer a warm and moist humid environment and do quite well in darker bathrooms giving the space some refreshing greenery to liven up the room.

Need some more bathroom decor tips to improve your space? Contact a local designer and request a free quote! 


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