Traditionally, gardens are located outside the house on the front or backyard, but people are getting more and more creative these days with container gardens and other indoor ideas. They’re now part of many homes especially during spring and summer, where it’s easier to maintain plants and make them thrive. 

From highly sophisticated garden walls to simpler herb gardens and breathtaking plant displays, these little innovations can be a huge plus for any homeowner who wants to keep in touch with nature or simply want a fresh source of herbs and veggies. 

Here are a few ideas that may help you get your first indoor garden up and running today! 

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. – William Shakespeare

Sink with a View 

Transform the windowsill in your kitchen into a small garden, perfectly suited for growing loads of fresh veggies and fruits. You can either use an assortment of vases just like in the picture above, or get a local carpenter to build an appropriate window box to serve as planter.

This small indoor vegetable garden will also add a unique level of beauty to your kitchen, and provide a constant supply of leafy greens and herbs for the rest of the family.

All Year Round Herbs

The great thing about herbs is that they are super easy to grow. Even with minimal space, small garden plant pots can produce bumper harvests with very little stress. 

To save space even further, consider using mounted planters on your kitchen walls or small vases on a shelf. 

These gardens can be used to grow a wide variety of herbs including basil, oregano, and a host of others. You don’t need an indoor greenhouse to get your herbs, these planters will do the trick just fine!

Accessible Seasoning 

We all love seasoning our food with excellent flavors and while there are many ways to do that, using herbs is always a huge plus. 

To make sure that your herbs are always available, consider planting several varieties near the kitchen or pantry. Not only will they offer you fresh herbs whenever you need, but they will also make the space look more lively and welcoming. 

Leverage All the Space You Can Find 

When we talk about indoor gardens, one thing that seems to be an issue for most people is finding the right space for them. But the good news is that, with just a little imagination, you can use any type of space to grow various plants. 

For example, you can:

  • Use the balcony as a big home garden
  • Place magnetic planters above the fridge
  • Add a small plant for every step of the stairs 

The ideas are endless! Additionally, you may also want to pick plants that don’t require a lot of care. This will save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

Wall Garden

It’s also possible to use the vertical space in your home to serve as an indoor garden. 

The vertical space along the living room, in particular, is always a good place to start. These vertical wall gardens are incredibly beautiful, but require a routine to keep the space clean.  

They can also be the perfect statement decor in your home. Just think of having a lush moss-covered vertical garden running from the floor to the ceiling on one of your walls. It’s simply breathtaking!

Hanging Pocket Planters

In case the idea of converting your entire walls into vertical gardens is not appealing enough for you, you can go for the simple more conservative option of hanging pocket planters along the walls. 

Indoor wall planters are easy to care for and would also help prevent moisture from damaging your walls. But most importantly, they allow you to leverage the vertical space in your home for gardening activities! 

Get Creative with Your Display 

Don’t be afraid to get creative on setting up the gardens so that they can deliver maximum decor value. Something like this would certainly revamp your home and WOW any guests that may come over. 

Tip: If you’re going a little out of the box with your garden setup, then choose low maintenance indoor plants such as succulents to make it easier and stress-free on the long run. 

Need some help with setting up your indoor garden? Contact a local landscaping company and to get it started! 


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