Carpets are incredible pieces of decor - they can bring a room together all by themselves. But given how most of the times you, your family, your four-legged companion, or even your furniture is constantly using it, one can always benefit from having a few maintenance hacks up their sleeves.

The most common carpet problems are dents left by heavy furniture (or any furniture over a long period of time), stains from accidental clumsiness, and odors that stick to the carpet - which can happen a lot if you have pets.

Luckily all of these problems have very easy solutions that you can perform by yourself and most times no cost at all.

For Indentations

Carpet dents are a common problem.
Carpet dents are a common problem. Source: Hunker

Having furniture on top of the carpet for long periods of time (or sometimes simply by dragging them over the carpet) can create ugly dents that refuse to go away. Suddenly your beautiful carpet has a noticeable and distracting “hole” in it. You’d think the solution would involve some sort of magic spell, but it’s a lot simpler and more accessible than that.

Solution: ice cubes

Yes, as simple as that. Just apply ice cubes over the dent and as the ice melts and then dries, the dent will slowly but surely disappear.

For Stains

Stains aren't a match for our easy hacks.
Stains aren't a match for our easy hacks. Source: BHG

It’s totally normal for carpets to have stains. Household pets can often bring dirt inside, both kids and adults are prone to dropping stain-y substances, and sometimes the carpet just gets stains as time goes by - after all you can’t just put it on a washing machine regularly.

Solution #1: one ingredient

Weirdly enough, shaving cream can be used to remove most carpet stains. Apply it over the stained spot and then clean it with a damp sponge. Should work for most recent stains.

Solution #2: two ingredients

Mixing baking soda with vinegar also works wonders for removing stains, as it can remove older stains. Apply the 50/50 mixed solution over the stain, let it dry, then vacuum the spot.

Solution #3: three ingredients

A very simple hack to clear stains.
A very simple hack to clear stains. Source: Carpet

This is the most powerful of carpet stain removing hacks. For this one you will need water, vinegar and an iron. It’s recommended you vacuum the carpet beforehand, to make sure small particles don’t get in the way.

Dampen the stains you want to get rid of with a solution one part vinegar and three parts water. Then put a moist towel over it and iron it. The stain should lift and stick to the towel. Do it until the stain is gone.

Alternatively, if you have a bigger and deeper stain, you can apply a generous amount of baking soda first over the entire stain, then spray a mix of water and vinegar over it. Let it sit for a few hours and vacuum the whole thing. Stain gone. See how it works here.

Solution #4: hire a pro

Of course there are professional carpet cleaners out there that remove virtually any stain. If you’ve tried one or more of these solutions or you’re afraid to damage your carpet, you can get a free quote from carpet cleaners right here.

For Odors

Odors are common if you have pets.
Odors are common if you have pets. Source: Do It Yourself

It’s very easy to get accustomed to certain odors in your home, especially if they’re not very prominent. Carpets are known to retain odors, but luckily, the trick to get rid of them is simple and cheap.

One ingredient solution:

Baking soda. Carefully apply a generous amount of baking soda over the carpet and spread it with a broom. A thin layer won’t get rid of smells that easily, so don’t be afraid to really pour it on. Baking soda does not damage carpets.

Then, leave it acting at least overnight, so it can really absorb the smell. To remove the baking soda on the following day, first broom away or shake the carpet outdoors to remove the excess, and then vacuum (a lot) to remove the rest. This method will get rid of almost any odor attached to your carpet.

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