When you put up your own outdoor lights, it can be tricky to plan them out and even take the time to get them hung correctly. If you hang your lights incorrectly, it could lead to a fire risk, your house not looking great for the holiday season, and your lights not working right.

Instead of doing it yourself, you should consider hiring a company that is experienced at hanging christmas lights. They will be able to make sure that your Christmas lights are hung with care and that your yard looks amazing for the holiday season.

Keep reading below to learn how a holiday light hanging company can help you to have the best looking Christmas yard in your neighborhood! 

“Don't let the past steal your present. This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone." – Taylor Caldwell

What the Professionals Do

There are several things a professional holiday light hanger will do to ensure that your lights are hung correctly, safely, and look great.

  • Electrical safety. The most important thing to do before anyone hangs holiday lights is to ensure that the lights are in functioning order. A light hanging service will plug all the lights in to ensure functionality before hanging them. After that, they will plug the lights into a GFCI outlet. The outlet will shut off if it feels that something is wrong with the electrical current.
  • Extension cords. When you use an extension cord to plug in your lights, you will want to make sure that it is UL certified and also certified for outdoor use. If your extension cord is old, you will need a replacement. By hiring a company that is skilled in hanging christmas lights, you won’t have to worry about a faulty cord. They will make sure that everything works as it should.
  • Lights. Your lights should be UL certified and free from any fraying or damage. If you want to replace your lights, it is recommended to go with LED options as they use less energy.

Choosing How Your Home Is Lit

There are many different ways to hang your lights. You can do roof christmas lights, lights around your yard, and even inflatables and other decor elements. You will need to take your time to determine how you want your home decorated. Take into consideration whether or not you want your lights set to music and whether or not you want to decorate the trees in your yard. If you take your time, you will be able to develop a design that will make your property look amazing for the holiday season.

The company that you get to hang your holiday lights can help you to make a decision on what you want to be decorated. No matter how you want it decorated, they will know the best way to hang christmas lights.

The Christmas Light Hanging Process

Once you have decided to go with professional help for your holiday lighting project, this is how the project will go:

  • Estimate. The first step in getting your lights hung is that you will meet with the company and get an estimate. The cost to hang Christmas lights will depend on several different factors. How big your house is, how many lights you want to be hung up, and if you have multiple buildings, you want to be decorated.
  • Design layout. Once you have hired the company to come out and hang your lights, they will create your design first. Once they have the design set in place, the next step will begin.
  • Inspection. They will first inspect the lights and your power source to ensure that they are functioning and are safe.
  • Hanging the lights. Once functionality has been established, your light hanging will begin. This can take 4 to six hours or more, depending on how many lights need to be hung.
  • Inspection. Once the lights have been hung, the company will ensure they look great and function as they should. The pros will show you where all the power sources are and how to turn the lights on and change their settings.

If you want to ensure that you have great looking holiday lights, you should hire a professional company to come out and do them for you. This is much safer than doing it yourself and frees up your time to do something else during this busy holiday season. The christmas light hanging service cost is affordable. Call today so that we can help you spread the holiday cheer in your neighborhood. 

Request an estimate for Christmas light hanging service cost and avoid the hassle of doing it yourself! 


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