The end of the year approaches and we have a lot to go through for December. The very end of Fall, beginning of Winter, and start of an entirely new year right after the biggest annual holiday – you know, no pressure!

These are the home maintenance tasks that I consider the most important to get done this month. Most of them involve preparation for the cold season, but there are still some important quality of life improvements and regular inspections that should be performed regardless.

As well as decorating for Christmas, of course.

So let’s get to it: this is your home maintenance checklist for December!

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Preparing for winter

As mentioned before, most of the focus on home maintenance tasks for December is in preparation for winter (that starts officially on the 21st), though you might start seeing colder days before that.

To ensure your home is safe from the cold, the following are the most important tasks that you can’t skip. Your home will be protected, and in turn, so will you and your family!

Protect your faucets

The very first step would be to disconnect any hoses from faucets and store them away. After that, you should winterize your faucets in some way. The most common way is to use the shut off valve (usually located in your basement) to interrupt water from reaching the outdoor pipes, which prevents them from freezing over the winter.

If you have doubts on how to perform this task, talk to a local plumber!

Oh yeah, and while we’re on the subject of outdoors maintenance, don’t forget to close the pool for winter. Your pool can suffer serious damage over the season if not properly protected.

Set up the mudroom

The mudroom can be useful throughout the year, but you can give it a lift specifically for the season. A place to leave snow-covered boots and shoes, a way to clean them, some hangers to leave heavy outdoor jackets, etc.

Snow will be common in certain regions, so prepare this room with everything you need!

Holiday decoration

It’s not all about home maintenance, after all, what is December without Christmas decoration? If you still haven’t had the time, make your plans and take a day (maybe over the weekend) to set up your Christmas decor.

There’s plenty you can do both outdoors and indoors, so I’ll leave a couple ideas below for you to check in your own time. Enjoy!

HVAC maintenance

Your HVAC system has to be working efficiently to get you through the winter. It’s important to get a full inspection in order to identify any potential problems before the bulk of the season and make sure everything is working perfectly beforehand.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but these are some of the most important tasks regarding your HVAC system:

  • Replacing your air filters
  • Newer thermostat
  • Furnace repair
  • Clean air ducts


Insulation needs to be checked on because it will save you a lot – and I mean A LOT – of energy throughout winter. 

Your HVAC may be perfectly in order, but if your insulation isn’t up to par, your heating will struggle. Temperatures should be fine, but you will be spending more energy that can really add up over the months.

It’s also good to check on potential drafts coming from windows and doors that are not properly sealed up. Not only is this uncomfortable but it also affects your overall energy efficiency!

Chimney sweep

It’s common to use the fireplace during winter, but for that, you need to be sure your chimney is ready for use. If you tend to only use the fireplace during the cold months, then this is the perfect time to have it inspected and sweeped as necessary.

It’s crucial to get your chimney sweeped at least once a year, making this the ideal moment for the annual check up – before the snow takes over!

Looking for a quick chimney sweep before the winter? Get free quotes from local chimney sweepers today!


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