Everyone deals with winter differently. The cloudy days, colder nights, and generally indoor stay can become a problem if you’re someone who enjoys the exact opposite for most of the year.

It’s not just a matter of preference either. It can be so damaging to your mental health that this is recognized as a serious medical problem called seasonal affective disorder. Oftentimes you’ll hear people calling this the “winter blues, which is just a lighter way to put it. Some people are likely to get seriously depressed during a specific time of the year, but this is most common during winter.

Today, I’ll be guiding you through some of the best ways to beat winter blues and how to deal with seasonal affective disorder. It involves preparing your home for the months to come and enjoying the things that make you happy!

“The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention." – John Burroughs

Natural light

One of the main reasons a lot of people dread winter is because staying indoors for most of these three months is energy draining to say the least. Most people living in America would have a hard time adapting to rainy regions for this very reason – cloudy weather means less sunlight.

The lack of contact with the outside world is even worse with the ongoing pandemic, so we must find ways to give you some natural sunlight!

While the weather can be gloomier during the cold season, it’s not the end of the world. It still helps a lot to have large and clear windows open for when the sun is out. The natural glow is already excellent for your mood since it might be too chilly for the outside on certain days.

But outdoors spaces are definitely not out of the question – I’ll talk about them soon!

Air quality

Since you’ll be staying mostly inside the house, your indoor air quality is extremely important. First and foremost, it’s crucial that your HVAC system is working properly on all fronts to ensure good air flow around the house. This includes making sure your ducts are clean and the filters are new.

Also, you might also want to add some houseplants to your usual decor. Houseplants can greatly improve your indoor air quality and most of them are low-maintenance. Winter fatigue will set in much faster if your indoor air isn’t up to par, so pay attention to this one!


This is a wonderful time to pick up a new or old hobby during your time indoors. With the advent of internet courses, you can even learn something entirely new from the comfort of your home and enter spring with a new skill!

I know the world right now makes it difficult to indulge in hobbies, but trust me, it will do you good. Some people are fortunate enough to work performing what was once a hobby, but you don’t have to think of hobbies as profitable or not. Just ask yourself:

Is this fun?

If the answer is yes, then you deserve to catch a break and have fun. Even more so if you suffer from winter depression as many Americans do. Here are some hobbies that are easy to pick and learn indoors – and that will get you through the season much faster:

Indoor gardening. Lots of native plants are super easy to maintain at home, and you might discover the joy of gardening along the way. 

Reading. Whether you’re going through some books you bought but never read (not judging, we all have those!) or finding something new on your e-reader, reading is the hobby of geniuses. Like a knife needs sharpening, so does your mind – and books are the way to do that.

Cooking. Getting into more advanced cooking can be super fun. Try out some different recipes, perhaps some you’ve always wanted to try, and you may find yourself having a lot more fun in the kitchen.

Music. There are thousands of free videos on vocal warm-ups, exercises and techniques on Youtube, which is already a great starting point. Same goes for learning pretty much any instrument that appeals to you.


This transition period into winter is a great time to plan and work on some home renovation. Doesn’t necessarily have to be something major… but it could be.

Keeping with the theme of staying indoors for longer periods of time, a great way to bring new life into a room is to paint it. By painting a room, you can completely revitalize the space and be excited when you see it again. Besides, maybe a room in your house has been in need of a little renovation – now is the perfect time to do so.

Winterize your outdoor space

If you have a deck, porch, pergola, or gazebo, now is the time to get it ready for winter. The reason for this is twofold: first, the harsh cold can damage these structures, so it’s already in your best interest to protect them as much as possible.

Second, you can actually use these spaces to take in some fresh air from time to time. It’s worth investing on some sort of cover if you usually see snow in your region, for example.

A few good ways to prepare your outdoor space is by repairing, sealing and painting your deck. And don’t forget to decorate your outdoor space – making the place look good is also fun!

Need help preparing your deck for the winter? Get free quotes from deck experts in your area today!


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