Electric cars are becoming more popular each passing year, with companies like Tesla investing heavily in this model, as well as other automakers offering cars that are Hybrid. There are some Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in some cities, especially the big ones, where you can find proper charging stations for your electric car.

But have you ever thought about installing an EV charger at home? It would be considerably more practical and safe – imagine being able to leave for any trip with your car fully charged from home. Take a look at some benefits of having a home EV charging station


Charging an electric vehicle may sometimes use a lot of time, depending on the situation. To fill a gasoline tank you only need a few seconds, a couple of minutes at the most. But charging an electric car may require anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the battery capacity.

Because of that, having EV chargers at home can be extremely helpful. Most electric vehicle owners usually charge their car during the nighttime while sleeping, saving useful time from their day. Indeed, that’s a great way of saving your time!

Less Expensive In The Long Run

Generally, the cost of driving an electric car is cheaper than running on gas, so that’s already a way of saving money in the long run, but also there are other details that make the cost of having an electric car charging station less expensive over time.

For example, as previously mentioned, most electric car owners charge their cars at night, which besides saving time from the day, may also end up saving money as electricity comes cheaper at night in many areas.

An Addition of Practicality

Time is a valued resource nowadays, so the need for practicality can never be understated. Having an EV charger at home is extremely practical for many reasons.

You would no longer need to drive to any EV charger station, which would involve leaving your home early, possibly waiting in line, and then waiting even longer for the car to fully charge.

And that’s if your nearest EV charger station isn’t that far. The longer you have to drive, the more value you lose from having an electric car. This way, having a charging station at home is definitely a benefit that would only boost your comfort and schedule quality.

Increases Property Value

In a different way, an EV charger can be not just seen as a machine of practical use, but as a device of value, which indeed gives a boost to the home value. Adding things such as new furniture, technology, and performing repairs are actually great ways of increasing property value… and that includes installing an EV charger station.

It would be very beneficial and convenient if someday in the future you decide to sell or rent the house because it would certainly improve the property’s worth and attract people that would value such an addition.

Better Quality of The Battery

In this area, there are different levels of EV charger stations: levels 1, 2, and 3. Even though they all have their own features, an EV charger level 2 may be the one able to give the necessary and safe equilibrium to your electric car.

While an EV charger level 1 can be considered kind of slow and less practical, an EV charger level 3, even though having the best quality, may turn out to be dangerous to your car. Due to its fastness and supercharging, in the long run, it can mess up with your car battery leading to damages that may be irreversible.

Installing an EV charger level 2 station is commonly considered easier since it can indeed be installed on your own if you believe you’re able to do it. You can get them mounted on your wall, but do keep in mind that for the EV charger to charge the fastest as it can, you must have a 240-volt outlet.

Contact a local pro to install an EV charger at home and be prepared for it to change your daily routine!


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