There are plenty of reasons why a homeowner would want to upgrade their outlets, such as meeting local standards, reducing fire risks, or even simply installing a more modern option, such as one with a USB.

Though you might assume that the electrical outlets you have at home are fine and safe, older outlets have many problems that you likely did not consider. There are some clear reasons why you should go for outlet replacement, and here are the most popular ones:

The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions." – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Meet Local Standards

One big reason to upgrade your outlets is that you can meet all local standards and housing codes. When you move into an older home, you may not know if the electrical system is up to code. A professional can determine if you need an outlet replacement and any other work that you might need. 

Meeting local standards may also require the installation of grounded outlets, which work with a grounding rod placed in the ground and close to your home. This lets you use cords with three prongs safely.

Reduce Fire Risks

Have you ever seen the effects of an electrical fire or heard about the horrors of one of them? Electrical fires often occur in homes with outdated electrical systems. All it takes is one issue to occur in the middle of the night for an outlet fire to start and spread

You may see some early warning signs of danger such as sparks that come from the outlet when you use it or dark marks around the outlet. There is even a chance that you might pick up on an odd smell. 

Upgrading the outlets will keep your home safe and reduce your risks of suffering from an electrical fire.

Save Space

If you want to save space, hire someone for recessed outlet installation. While normal outlets stick out slightly from the walls, recessed outlets sit back inside the wall. This gives you room to plug in your items and tuck the cords into the wall to keep them out of the way. 

You can choose from two and three-prong outlets that work with your items. 

And there's more, 

Another reason why these outlets are so popular is that you can customize them to hold audio and video or other types of cords, too.

Add USB Outlets

Are you tired of struggling with all of the USB cords that you usually use to charge items? You might have dozens that your family uses for electronic devices and their phones. With USB outlets, you no longer need to trip over the cords and try to keep them hidden. 

These outlets can have just USB ports or USB ports with electrical outlets. Many people like using them in their bedrooms and living rooms to make sure they can charge their devices whenever they want.

Keep Your Kids Safe

Do you worry that your children may want to play with the outlets and try plugging things into them?

Electrical outlet repair technicians can install tamper-resistant options. Also known as childproof outlets, they keep your kids safe. While outlet covers are handy, they are often hard to remove, which makes it hard for you to use them. 

These outlets use shutters and require that you hold and press them to plug in an object. Kids do not have the motor skills necessary to use them. Between keeping your kids safe and using new designs, there are tons of reasons to upgrade your electrical outlets.            

Opt for WiFi Smart Outlets

When you hire an expert to install electrical outlets, consider asking if they can install WiFi outlets. WiFi smart outlets are perfect for those who are always on the go and those who want more control over their homes. 

With this type installed in your house, you can download an app that turns it on and off whenever you want. Have you ever headed to work and suddenly remembered that you left the coffee maker running or your curling iron plugged into the outlet? You simply open the app and choose the outlet that you want to shut down from anywhere you go.

Choose Pop-Out Designs

No matter what size home you have, you probably find yourself occasionally wishing that you had more room. Pop-out outlets give you a little more space and are helpful in kitchens and bathrooms where you often have limited space. 

The outlets pull out from the wall when you need to use them and slide back inside when you want to tuck them out of the way. You might add one to your kitchen island or other areas where you usually can't have outlets. 

They're also a smart option for homes with kids because you can keep the outlets out of their reach.

Looking to upgrade your outlets? Get free quotes today from electrical pros in your area and inspect your wiring for any problems!


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