Being a parent is never an easy task, but when men get to be fathers, they end up doing an amazing job and also having lots of fun with it too, I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard about the term ‘dad jokes’, right? I still don’t know how, but they really have the hang of making everything sound simple and enjoyable.

Even though they sometimes also embarrass the family in public with their sense of humor, we can’t deny we love those moments as well. So, to honor all the dads out there, we’ve decided to gather a collection of the funniest parenting tweets from fathers themselves. Hope you enjoy them!

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” - Jim Valvano

Who’s the scariest?

Scary mom.
Image source: Bored Panda

Kids are just as funny as their dads when it comes to being scared of mom, maybe that’s another stereotype that has come, but we can’t help but make some jokes about it. Let’s just hope mom is laughing along, right?

Where do babies come from?

I'm a dragon.
Image source: Bored Panda

I’m guessing this, I mean, dragon has a great imagination! I’ve heard about many parents that made books with a collection of funny dialogues with theirs kids, this dad could sure pull off something like that with his sweet dragon.

Independent Child

Independent child.
Image source: Bored Panda

A worry that many parents have is when their kids start growing up, but an even bigger worry is when they want to do grown-up stuff without actually having grown up. Which is pretty much the case with this dad and his early bird of a child that already wants to start learning how to make his/her own breakfast.

Those Picky Eaters

Picky eater.
Image source: Bored Panda

I can say for myself I was a very picky eater and my parents always had to trick me into eating some things too. They would cut tomatoes in really small cubes to mix in a sauce or something so I couldn’t take those off my plate (yeah, I did that). I have to say, this dad was really smart with his trick!

What are they teaching these days?

Image source: Bored Panda

Now that’s a smart kid! Good to know she’s using her powers for good things, like getting a doughnut, don’t you think?

Superdad to the rescue

Find me that toy I don't have.
Image source: Bored Panda

Here’s another situation where I can clearly remember from my days as a kid, though my dad usually just said “maybe your mother knows, she’s the one who organized the house last.” I have to admit he was pretty smart with that answer.

+10 Cooking Skills

Cooking skills.
Image source: Bored Panda

One of those days when you get a compliment from your kid and you’re not entirely sure it was a compliment. At least dad can say he’s improved his cooking skills!

How much sleep do you really need?

Sleep time.
Image source: Buzzfeed

People say kids should sleep eight hours every night, but when they recover as quick as this little one, who can really tell how much sleep is necessary? As for the grown ups, after a day with a kid like this they probably need a whole week of sleep.

Nothing remains the same

Everything changes.
Image source: Buzzfeed

Children grow up so fast and they’re always changing the way they act and react towards life. In reality, no one ever stops changing, but once we reach the adult life these changes happen slowly. But when we’re kids, they can change from night to day.

DIY? We need proofs

DIY accident.
Image source: Buzzfeed

A little innocent lie like this one is okay to tell, unless “people” are other parents that will actually understand the situation. In cases such as this one, the best thing is to have friends who are also raising a child, that way you can always laugh at the situation.

Energy Boost

Energy boost.
Image source: Buzzfeed

Remember that kid who slept 86 seconds and was fully recovered? That’d be a great feature for dads as well. Maybe this Robin Hood like person is stealing energy from parents and giving it to kids, that’d sure make a lot of sense in most cases, don’t you think?

Hope you had some fun reading these funny dad tweets! Happy Father’s Day!

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