It’s not easy to decide on the perfect gift for a dad when we know they deserve the whole world. But rest assured that great meaning can come from even a simple gift, so let’s try to make that happen this Father’s Day.

Below I wrote down a number of Father’s Day gift ideas that should help you decide. You will surely find something your dad will love – whether he’s young or old, there’s something for him here!

Though some specific products will be mentioned, we are not affiliated or promoted by any of these brands. I just found these to be interesting picks for you to consider!

A graphic novel set

We live in a curious time where older dads grew up reading serialized comic books, but we have a whole new generation of younger dads that grew up with graphic novels and movies of those same universes.

Regardless, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a special edition graphic novel. In fact, with the Netflix adaptation coming later this year, the Sandman Collection is a great pick if that sounds like something your dad would be into.

But you can always find Batman, Superman, Spider-man, and other superhero graphic novels if they prefer something a bit more familiar!

A Sunday barbecue kit

Many dads love to be the ones in charge of Sunday barbecue, so give them the tools to be the best! There are plenty of barbecue kits out there, making it an easy gift to find even at the last minute.

But you can go one step further and gift him a new barbecue grill to go with the new tools. Besides, when these new tools are put to use, you will also reap the benefits by enjoying the delicious burgers he will make!

An awesome new wallet

Source: Ridge
Source: Ridge

Wallets are pretty much the one accessory every guy carries around, and most of them tend to get one and use it until it starts to fall apart.

A brand new leather wallet would already be a nice gift, but perhaps consider a more modern option like the Ridge wallet. This is a stainless steel minimal wallet with enough space for credit cards, IDs, and money, all the while maintaining a slick, slim, and sturdy shape.

A repair tool kit

Dads are usually the house’s designated handyman, but many of them don’t have a proper tool kit and instead rely on finding the right tools wherever they may be stored – which can lead to some frustration.

Consider giving him a toolbox – not only does it come with tools that enable most small repairs, but it’s a nice place to keep them stored and organized.

Before we move on, I have a little something in case you’re looking for homemade gift ideas

A fancy coffee maker

Some dads like to take coffee seriously.

And coffee is a very serious thing indeed. Or so my dad taught me.

A new coffee maker would already be nice if their old one is starting to show its age, but you could also consider a french press for a slight twist on the coffee-making process. Or even better, a coffee grinder – making coffee with fresh ground beans is a thousand times better!

A new tech gadget

Both old and young dads may enjoy new tech gadgets. These can be useful additions to their existing gadgets or just a new thing to play with.

Here are some of my picks for tech gadgets a dad would love:

    • A smartwatch
    • A pair of wireless earbuds
    • A wireless phone charger
    • A Bluetooth speaker

A high-quality swiss knife

A swiss knife is a common tool that many dads love to have, yet many of them only have cheap dollar store versions of them. It’s a nice tool to leave in the car or even have in the keychain for any emergencies, so consider giving them a proper high-quality swiss knife!

A fitness watch

Fitness clocks are like smartwatches but they serve a more specific purpose. They can be used to count intervals during workouts, watch your daily step count, calories burnt, heart rate, and much more.

These are excellent gifts for dads trying to stay in shape, but also if they need to watch heart rate, blood pressure, and other bodily functions more closely.

A comfy chair

Whether your dad works from home or likes to watch a game in the living room every other day, you could give her an extra piece of comfort. For the remote worker dads out there, a more comfortable office chair would be the best gift ever.

But you could also opt for a barcalounger instead if they only need a place to sit back and relax. Just be sure you run this one through your mom to make sure there’s enough space in the living room for this addition!

A fresh fragrance

Having perfumes at home isn’t something most dads are used to, though there are some connoisseurs out there for sure. Whatever the case, a new fragrance fits perfectly!

If your dad isn’t used to it, it will be a nice gift they (and everyone around them) will enjoy. And if they love to try new fragrances and are a bit more knowledgeable, then you can surely find a brand they like for a really thoughtful gift.

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