With the arrival of the new year, we're eager to improve all aspects of our lives, and that includes the space we live in. Our homes and our workspaces are where we spend the majority of our time, and they deserve some nice refreshing changes to start the new year in the right way too. A beautiful space with the right elements can instantly transform our mood and make us feel more refreshed, relaxed, and happy, and there’s no better time for some improvements than the passage of the new year!

Painting That Wall

Painting That Wall - Home Projects to Kickstart New Year
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We all have that one (or more) wall in our home that we don’t like that much, maybe because the color is ugly or maybe because it just doesn’t fit with our decor style and the rest of the home’s colors. Why don’t you finally paint it? Enjoy the passage of the year to refresh it and choose a beautiful color that matches your personality and fits with the home’s color scheme.

Get That Amazing Wallpaper

Amazing Wallpaper - Home Projects For The New Year
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There’s no better time to finally seek out that amazing wallpaper you’ve always wanted. Don’t be afraid: the change instantly transforms the space and depending on the color and style, it can even make you feel more relaxed and refreshed or more pumped and productive. It doesn’t matter what the room is: an elegant wallpaper can make an amazing transformation anywhere!

Install Some Shelves

Shelves - Home Projects For 2017
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To start the year more organized and make that New Year’s resolution happen, install some shelves in pantry closets and around the home so everything can have its rightful place and the cleaning and organizing can turn from a boring and tiring process into a much easier and simpler task.

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right." -Oprah Winfrey

Keep the Entrance Organized

Organized Entrance - Home Projects for the New Year
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The entrance is the first room that you see when getting home, and it can easily change your mood for the better or for the worse, depending on how organized it is. And with the new year arriving, we only want the best, don’t we? So install a combination of storage solutions, such as wall hooks, lockers, cubbies, and even a bench to keep the space organized, accessible, and cause a good first impression on the guests. It will even save you time during the year so you don’t need to keep looking for your keys, jacket, or shoes around the house!

Transform the Front Door

Front Door - Home Projects
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Want to transform the look of your house but you don’t know how, or just don’t want to spend much? Invest in the front door. Changing your entrance and making it brighter can instantly change the way you perceive your home and make it feel much more refreshing, new, and happy. A brightly colored front door can give you that welcoming feeling that you need when coming home after a tiring day.

Refresh Your Light Fixtures

Light Fixtures - Home Projects for the New Year
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A great home improvement project to kick-start the new year is by refreshing your light fixtures. Brighter rooms combined with beautiful light fixtures can transform the space and even leave you with a refreshed feeling, letting you think more clearly and feel lighter and cleaner compared to darker rooms.

Bold Furniture

Bold Furniture - Home Projects
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Bold furniture is an instant game changer for your house. If you want to change the look of the room, make everything feel more fun and bold, painting your furniture with bright and bold colors is your perfect way to start the year. Check out this amazing article we posted a while back to learn how to do your own DIY furniture transformation!

Fix What's Broken

Fix - Home Projects For The New Year
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Don’t postpone the repairs and upgrades that your home needs. To start the new year on the right foot and avoid any headaches and unnecessary stress in 2017, check out everything that needs to be fixed around your home. Check your heating system, clear the gutters, change the batteries on the smoke alarms and emergency lights, and fix or hire someone to fix what is not working properly as soon as possible, so you can enter the new year in the proper way: with a clear head and with peace of mind.

What do you think of these ideas? Which ones are you embracing to start the new year? Let us know on the comment section below and check out our Articles Page and Facebook for more incredible ideas!

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