Everyone agrees that a cozy place to sleep at night is essential, but that’s easier said than done. Many homeowners struggle to create a comfortable and relaxing environment in the bedroom, where work and chores can easily overlap with your chill time.

Here are some tried and tested ways of bedroom organization that can easily help you with that. Read expert tips for bringing the best of both worlds to your bedroom, whether you want individualized comfort or hotel-worthy style. 

1. Cozy environment

You don't need high quality-pillows or plush throws to make your room look beautiful if it doesn't feel comfortable for you. The best place to invest your money is in sheets, look for soft sheets and pillowcases.

If you prefer to skip the extra top sheet in favor of practicality, make sure your blanket or comforter is also cozy and soft to the touch.

2. Look beyond the thread count

A higher thread count is not necessarily an indication of quality. Multi-layered yarns usually make the sheets thicker and many people don’t like the option since they are not as comfortable.

It’s more important to look for high-quality material and texture, which you can do by simply feeling it yourself. In this case, your instincts won’t lie.

3. Smooth wrinkles with a steamer

The crisp hotel look appeals to everyone, but the work behind it can be time-consuming. To recreate the look, use a clothing steamer to smooth the sheets and bedding you can see. The results may not be as perfect as ironing, but the bedding will be perfect and more inviting.

4. If you must iron, just do what you can see

Few things are as inviting to a visitor as a well-appointed guest bed. Instead of worrying too much about bedroom decor ideas, focus on whether the bed looks inviting and comfortable. 

You can iron only the top sheet and pillowcases, and that will already make the bed look impeccable. After all, these are the only parts you see before slipping under the covers.

5. Arrange pillows when not in use

You can make an effort to eliminate wrinkles until the next wash, so take the time to carefully stack the decorative pillows when you go to bed. That way they will look new in the morning!

Pillows and pillowcases are the main stars of the room. To make everything feel cozy, bet on a bed full of them: if you have a double bed, the ideal is to use 4, but if you have a king-size bed, you can invest in 6.

To make it interesting and decorative, use pillowcases of different textures and colors that go with your bedroom decor, even better if they’re complimentary colors

6. You can choose to leave the 'hospital corner'

Personal bedroom ideas and aesthetic preferences determine everything. Pulling sheets into the "hospital corner" isn't appealing to everyone, however. it just protects them and keeps them in place longer. 

If you don't worry about neat corners or don't have time to fold them in the morning, I suggest at least pulling the sheets and comforter back to the headboard for a more elegant look. 

If your bed is a box type, the ideal is to wear a skirt in the box below the mattress. This accessory will guarantee a first-class finish for the underside of the bed and you can easily find affordable options online or at your local stores. Try to buy it in neutral colors and without much texture so as not to draw too much attention.

7. Wash sheets before guests arrive

Guest bedroom decoration is often at the bottom of the list of priorities, but buying new sheets and towels for these rooms can be a good option as they will suffer less wear and tear than your daily sheets. 

And since they mostly go unused, you should wash them before guests arrive to ensure they are feeling fresh and soft!

8. Aromas

To make the ensemble perfect, use a refreshing scent to finish. This makes bedtime much more pleasant and they also provide other positive effects, for example: the scents of chamomile, lavender, and mint can help you have a much better night's sleep.

Some people like scented pillows, but those can be really aggressive depending on the scent. Try some out if you’re curious, but you probably shouldn’t sleep on them – just keep them nearby!

A fresh coat of wall paint can completely transform your bedroom and make it look like you’ve always wanted. Contact a local painter and request a free quote!


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