Closet doors aren’t necessarily bad – for the most part you might not even think of any good reason to dispose of them… but in some cases, that’s highly beneficial. Here’s why:

Closet doors can tilt and scratch your floors when opened. If they’re sliding doors, they can get stuck on their tracks by any small and hard enough debris, which can damage the tracks permanently depending on the situation. Besides, the tracks can make a lot of noise if not properly maintained. 

We could cut it short right there, but as an extra piece of annoyance, closed doors may also contribute to bad smell and mold growth, which is a huge problem.

In short, you’ll start to realize that closet doors – while visually appealing – serve no greater purpose than that. You’ll have better access to your closet without them, it prevents mold from settling anywhere, and it’s one less piece of maintenance you have to worry about.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite. – John Muir

But my clothes are disorganized!

Don’t worry, we get you – one of the reasons we like doors is to hide the mess! But consider this a great opportunity to “Mari Kondo your closet in the process, which will simultaneously eliminate all the mess and clutter you might have hiding and make for a much easier time setting up your new closet look. 

After all, perfectly folded clothes separated by categories is a very satisfying thing to look at, and once you get the hang of it, it really doesn’t take any more effort or time out of your schedule than what you’re already used to. 

In fact, it actually saves you time whenever you have to get ready in a hurry, since you won’t waste precious minutes looking for that clothing piece you need! 

What tools will I need to remove closet doors?

To help remove the closet doors you’ll probably need nothing more than a screwdriver and an extra pair of hands, since the doors can be quite heavy and awkward to hold only on your own.

How to remove sliding closet doors

Usually sliding doors will be attached to the track on the top and bottom. To remove them, you have to lift the door to release them off the bottom track and then angle it to unattach from the top track. You shouldn’t need a screwdriver for this part, maybe just someone to help lift and hold the door during the process.

If you have a hard time lifting or angling the door, you can use a screwdriver to loosen the screws of the wheels on the bottom track to allow the door to give in just enough for the removal. In this case though, you will definitely want a helping hand to hold the door in place, so the weight of the door doesn’t collapse on the wheels as you’re loosening them.

Repeat the process for the other door if necessary and then unscrew the tracks. Done!

How to remove bifold closet doors

There are no secrets to removing bifold closet doors as it’s very similar to removing sliding doors. Bring your screwdriver and someone to help, and let’s get started:

  1. First, fold the door so that both panels are together, as this is the correct way to begin the procedure. 
  2. Now do the same thing from the sliding doors – gently lift the door with both panels folded until you release it from the bottom track. 
  3. Then angle it out and it should come off the top track easily.

To finish it off, use a screwdriver to remove the tracks.

Turn that space into something else

Another reason you might be looking into removing closet doors is simply because you don’t need them anymore. By removing the doors and boards inside, you now have more space to place other pieces of furniture without having to rearrange your entire bedroom.

Another idea is to turn that space into a home office – which in 2020 is massively useful for a lot of homeowners that have to work from home because of the pandemic.

But the sky's the limit here. Having that extra space, you can do anything you want, whether that’s using the space for a more organized open closet, or something else entirely.

Need help removing your closet doors? Get free quotes from a local handyman in your area today!


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