The backyard is no doubt one of the most important outdoor living areas for a lot of homeowners. It’s the one single place on your property where you can relax and enjoy some fresh air. However, the last thing you want is to have prying eyes spying on you as you soak in the bliss of the outdoor weather. 

This is why backyard privacy is so important. A majority of homeowners will mostly have an enclosure or some type of fence surrounding their yards but this isn’t always enough for privacy. 

We have prepared a few tips here that will be invaluable in helping you enhance overall backyard privacy in the long run.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. – Tony Robbins

Grow a Shrub Around It 

Living fences are not only natural and beautiful but they tend to offer better privacy compared to some of the other fencing options out there. In that case, it may actually be a great idea to grow a shrub or a few climbing plants around your backyard for extra privacy. 

Although shrubs and other plants will take time and some initial effort to put up, once they have matured, they will deliver long-lasting privacy without many issues.

Build a Vertical Garden 

As we have already noted above, plant-based enclosures are always a great option when it comes to extra privacy. 

However, instead of just having a shrub or a climbing plant to improve home privacy, how about you build a vertical garden? The garden and its greenery won’t only provide the perfect enclosure for your yard but it will also be a constant supply of food for your household all year round if you go for veggies or herbs to use in the kitchen.

Cascading Landscape

It’s also possible to get the perfect backyard hideaway by building it from the ground up. Cascading landscapes, where the yard sits at the bottom, will ensure that no one sees what’s going on in your yard unless they are in a high vantage position. 

Besides, cascading landscapes are unique and incredibly beautiful too. They will add immense character to your property.

Corrugated Metal Enclosures 

If you’re not ready to take any chances with your privacy, then it may be a good idea to put up a real fence that keeps everything inside your property private. 

There are so many ideas to increase privacy from neighbors that you can use here but corrugated metal sheets are the most effective. They are also easy to install, weather-resistant, and can be customized using various shades for the best look.

Consider Bamboo

In case corrugated metal sheets aren’t that exciting for you, you can still get the same privacy effects using a more natural solution like bamboo. 

Just like metal, bamboo is also very weather-resistant and would need very little time and labor to install. Bamboo also gives your yard a more natural look, making sure the fence can blend with any other green foliage you may have growing.

Get Some Curtains 

Curtains are also perfectly effective for screening neighbors out. You don’t need to enclose your entire yard with these fabrics though. 

Just cover one or two sides of your patio or add them to your add and it should work. Using curtains in outdoor living spaces is a very classy move, especially if you are able to pick out stylish and quality ones that go well with the rest of your outdoor landscape.

Try a Trellis 

You may also install a trellis in your backyard to block off your neighbors and other prying eyes. A trellis in itself is a huge update on any landscape but to achieve the best privacy effects, you may want to plant climbing vines and plants around it. 

This will guarantee almost 100% privacy for your yard and will be an incredibly beautiful addition to the space.

Build an Enclave

Open yards that allow you to get extra views of the world outside are always great but they’re not private. 

You can deal with this by building your own personal and intimate enclave within the yard. This would be ideal when you just want to hang out outside with some privacy and won’t affect the open nature of your entire yard. 

Basking outdoors and enjoying the freshness of the outdoor environment is always a fulfilling experience. But don’t let lack of privacy prevent you from enjoying your outdoor living areas. 

The simple yard privacy ideas above should come handy in securing your yard, and most of them don’t even require a lot of investment.

Want to improve your backyard privacy? Then contact a local pro to request a free quote! 


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