Whether you’re into romance novels or the classics, everyone should take time out of their busy schedules to read a book - it’s proven to make you smarter, not to mention it’s just downright enjoyable. But all readers, from bookworms to those picking up a book for the first time this year, know the struggle of trying to find the perfect place in their home to snuggle up and dig in. Why not make it a habit and create a permanent space for all your reading needs? Make use of your existing bookshelves or take advantage of the skills of a professional to help you bulid-in some shelves for a perfect reading nook; with so many options, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for!


Comfortable little hideaway to read in
Comfy hideaway WooHome

Location: One of the first things to figure out is location. Do you have an awkward corner you need to fill? Or is there a window with the perfect natural light? Your choice of location can influence the type of nook you can create.

Perfect little staircase sanctuary for reading
Quaint sanctuary BuzzFeed

Lighting: Speaking of light, having the right amount of light not only makes for a more pleasant reading experience but can help your eyes stay in top shape. Windows are great during sunny days, but don’t forget to think about other lighting and electrical options as well (extra plugs for lamps, for instance).

Better than a sofa: book reading furniture
Book reading furniture PopSugar

Furniture: This might be influenced by your choice of location but there are still tons of different options based on whether you like to lay out, curl up, or share a reading date with a loved one. Rocking chairs are great to share with young kids, while daybeds, oversized armchairs, and loveseats offer options for all types of reading styles.


A little cove for the household bookworm
Bookworm cove BookRiot

Privacy: The privacy of your nook is absolutely something to think about. If you need the privacy, try adding curtains that can be closed when you need privacy but left open for an inviting space. If not, design your nook as a focal point of the room, and leave it on display.

Built in bookshelves for the perfect den
A household den FreshHome

Storage: What good is a reading nook if you can’t reach any books? Built-in bookshelves are good, as are under-nook cabinet drawers (which can be easily built!) that can stash books and blankets out of sight.

Open glass reading space for a home interior
Household study HuffingtonPost

Accessories: If you’re an avid coffee or tea drinker, you’ll want to make sure you have a place to put down a mug while you’re reading. Snuggling up with a family cat or dog? Include a pet-bed! Remember to customize your space to make your reading nook perfect for you!


A little white nook for a nice home interior
Part of the living room CountryLiving

Streamlined: You can’t design a reading nook without thinking about colors! It’s really up to your own personal style and interior decor: you could easily play off the style of the rest of the room, using the same or a similar color palette for your nook. This works particularly well if your reading nook is less separate from the rest of the room, like in a bedroom or nursery corner.

A brightly colored fluffy nook for those who like a little flair
Bright colors Brit + Co

Bright: Especially if your nook is built into a wall or even a closet, bright colors work well to distinguish the nook and create a separate space. The room should still flow, but don’t be afraid to choose colors a little more ‘out there’ than you usually would! Color psychology is no joke, so choose colors that help you feel relaxed and at ease.

Rustic all wooden nook for a home
Rustic nook ArchitectureArtDesign

Natural: Finding a place to comfortable read outdoors can be difficult, especially during the winter months. Why not bring nature indoors? By using materials like wood, sheepskin, and wool, you can create the perfect space to snuggle up with a cup of coffee and your favorite story.

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