If you’re wondering how to fold fitted sheets, you came to the right place. Folding fitted sheets can be a real chore, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. We all want an easy technique - either for saving space or to avoid wrinkled sheets - for how to fold fitted sheets. This article is a step-by-step guide that will finally show you how to quickly and easily complete this task.

Organize your bedding closet with this folding tutorial.
Learning how to fold fitted sheets will help you better organize your closet! Image source: Reading My Tea Leaves

Step 1: Find the Corners

Find the corners.
Find the corners. Image source: HGTV

First of all, to make this step easier, use a flat space to spread the sheet on top - a table, iron board, or even your bed. Then you’ll need to find two corners of the sheet, making sure the seams are on the outside, and hold your hands under them.

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Step 2: Fold One Corner Over the Other

Fold one corner over the other.
Fold one corner over the other. Image source: It’s Overflowing

So, you’re holding both corners with your hands. Now you’re going to put both hands together and fold the left corner over the right one.

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Step 3: Find a Third Corner

Find a third corner.
Find a third corner. Image source: It’s Overflowing

With your free hand, grab a third corner. This part can be a bit tricky the first few times, be sure to keep calm!

Pro tip: use your finger to follow the seam of the corner you’re still holding.

Step 4: Fold One Corner Over the Other Again

Make the corners meet once again, and fold the left side over the right one. Then use your free hand to straighten the sheet.

As you can see, half of what you need to learn how to fold fitted sheets is just about finding the corners. After these four steps, comes the easy part!

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Step 5: Spread and Fold to the Middle

Spread and fold to the middle.
Spread and fold to the middle. Image source: HGTV

How’s it going so far? Pretty easy, right? And it’s almost over too. Now you’re going to spread the sheet flat on the table (or whichever surface you’re using), and fold the the curved side to the middle.

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Step 6: Fold In Half

Fold in half.
Fold in half. Image source: It’s Overflowing

Fold the other side, so both edges meet. At this point, you should have a long rectangular shape.

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Step 7: And Finally…

You've made it!
Fold in half, and again in thirds! Image source: It’s Overflowing

Fold in half so the two smaller edges meet, and in half again so it occupies a smaller space in your closet. You can watch this video to see these steps in practice. Then all you need is to congratulate yourself, because you’ve made it!

Feeling like a pro folder already? Make sure to let us know if this helped you learn how to fold fitted sheets in the comments below and find more tips that simplify your life in our Inspiration page.

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