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Figure out your style - Inspiration Board 2017
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Some people will prefer an inspiration board to keep their new year goals always visible - for example, if you want to write a book this next year, find an image or a way to visualize that and pin it to the board. This is a great way to keep track of your bigger long-term projects!

It’s important to maintain balance between picking stuff that inspires you, but not getting so much stuff that your board becomes a mess. Remember you can change it from time to time, so don’t worry too much about finding everything all at once!

Inspiration Board Ideas 2017
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However, some people will prefer something a little more abstract, something that can change constantly and isn’t confined to goals and desires - a board as a source of daily inspiration whenever you look at it.

You don’t need to fill it up only with things you need to do, you can pin letters you’ve received, pictures from your family, things you’re saving to buy, and feel free to change the pins as the year goes by.

What should you pin?

Pin it - Inspiration Board for 2017
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Pretty much anything you want, really. Take out images and words from magazine, write your own notes, pin different cloth patterns for fashion inspiration, photographs, jewelry… the combinations and possibilities and endless.

Feel free to decorate your board with some of your favorite artwork, album covers, favorite lyrics and quotes, letters, photographs - anything able to inspire you on sight!

How big should you make it?

Big inspiration board for 2017
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Totally up to you. You can literally make it an entire wall, or just a string of simple clippings. So don’t get intimidated when you see gigantic inspiration boards, not all of them have to be enormous. You can still make something small and cheap that gets the job done!

No clutter inspiration board
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Sometimes simpler is better, but it all depends on your ideas and how you feel more inspired! Above there’s an example of a board specific for fashion inspiration, including only different cloth patterns - and it’s just a simple string kept together by a clock and a pin.

Careful with clutter!

Careful with clutter - inspiration board
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You will likely feel tempted to pin everything you like on your new board, but there needs to be a certain balance. If you feel like it’s getting too much, step on the brakes and take your time to decide what’s better.

Remember, you can always change your board as the year goes by, it’s not supposed to be permanent!

Pick the stuff that makes you feel inspired for the new year, and then just change it up as you go along, you don’t need to decide everything in one day.

Write your goals

Goals for 2017 - Inspiration board
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It’s important to have a clear vision of your goals in your inspiration board - this way you’ll never lose track of them and will always have a better idea of when to invest time in each one. The simple board above is a nice minimalist idea!

But you can also write your goals and spread them on a bigger board like the ones we saw before. For each goal, pin related inspirations around them and you’ll have the necessary creative fuel to make progress every day!

Do you plan on having an inspiration board for next year? What will you pin on it? Any ideas so far? Let us know in the comments and follow us on Facebook for more awesome articles!

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