The simple appeal of visual splendor can do a whole lot to boost your home’s value, and the best part: this can be achieved with smart and small investments at a time.

These projects offer a wide array of options for different budgets, tastes, and homes – since some things are not possible (or made harder) depending on how much you can invest. With these ideas, we’re sure you’ll be able to make your home more valuable in one or many ways!

“Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. – Karl A. Menninger

1. Front door

front door
Front doors can be the stars of the show. Source: Freshome

The stable of every discussion on curb appeal, a stand-out front door can become a strong focal point with the right visual. A common and effective idea is to paint the front door a bold color like red, since a door that blends perfectly becomes more or less hidden, while this one stands out, even from afar.

Here are several Stylish Ways to Instantly Improve Your Doors!

2. Outdoor fire pit

outdoor fire pit
Outdoor fire pits are actually easy to make. Source: homeyou

This is not nearly as expensive or complicated as it looks – an outdoor fire pit is an easy project you can DIY! If you’re willing to invest a little more, you can even purchase pre-made ones that are even easier to install.

3. Garage door

garage door
A new garage door goes a long way! Source: HGTV

There are many options when it comes to garage doors – steel, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and more. Installing a new garage door with one of these materials will already make a huge difference on your curb appeal and boost your home’s value, since brand new garage doors are a big deal.

4. Mailbox flower bed

mailbox flower bed
A unique idea to increase your curb appeal. Source: The Handcrafted Life

There’s a lot to be said about landscaping and gardening, these can do wonders to boost your home’s value. But landscaping by itself already encompasses a wide area, add gardening to the mix and we’ve got ourselves a large investment of money and time on our hands. So let’s make something cute and simple instead!

A mailbox flower bed can be made with a handful of resources, bringing attention and splendor to any mailbox.

5. Island deck

island deck
Cheaper but still charming! Source: Family Handyman

Building an entire deck is always a good option to dramatically add value to your home, but giving the relatively large investment, not always possible. This is why you can opt for an island deck – smaller, easier to make, but still incredibly charming and useful!

With a cool arrangement of plants and lights, it can turn into a perfect outdoor hangout spot.

6. Privacy fences

privacy fences
Privacy fences are simple but effective projects. Source: homeyou

Privacy fences can even be decorated with container gardens, greenery, and lights – but you can always stick to the basic and still get a classy-looking privacy fence.

These are relatively low-cost and besides the practical use of privacy, it also looks nice to create the feeling of a new area in your backyard.

7. Outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen
Outdoors kitchens can be super fancy! Source: Home BNC

We’ve spoken recently about how to design the perfect outdoor kitchen, but if you missed the party, here’s the short version: it’s basically like designing an indoor kitchen, but with a few key differences. For example, you might not need to buy all new dishware and appliances, but you do need to consider weather conditions and protecting the equipment you do bring out.

It’s not the cheapest project, but definitely a fun one that dramatically adds to your home’s value!

8. Outdoor lighting

outdoor lighting
Lighting can be simple, but beautiful. Source: Contemporist

We always have some sort of outdoor lighting, but we can make it a bit fancier and add to the spectacle, making it much more attractive and therefore increasing your home’s value.

String lights, like the ones seen above, are super accessible, easy to install and look absolutely stunning – hence why you’ll often see them being used as decorations for celebrations like outdoor weddings. 

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