Tree that grew over the fence

Having a tree growing around a fence is quite common as embracing the beauty of nature in your backyard often involves the delicate dance between trees and fences. To solve this issue, prune, redirect growth, set barriers for the roots and branches, and search for professional help!

When trees grow around fences, a harmonious coexistence can be achieved with the right approach.

Discover how to navigate this intricate balance with our expert tips and solutions. Whether you are dealing with an existing tree-fence entanglement or planning for future growth, this guide has you covered.

If you have a tree growing through a chain link fence, do not worry, cutting it down is not the only answer, the solutions you need are here! Read the tips below and understand how to remove trees growing through fences, regardless of the fence style!

1.  Prune Precisely

The first tip to deal with a chain link fence around a tree is to trim tree branches strategically to prevent them from intertwining with your beautiful fence. Regular pruning not only keeps branches away from the fence but also promotes healthy growth and a well-maintained appearance.

2.  Gradually Redirect Growth

If the branches of a tree have already become entangled with your fence, opt for gradual pruning over time. By trimming a few branches each year, you can guide the growth of the tree away from the fence without causing stress or harm.

3.  Install A Root Barrier

Installing a root barrier near your fence can help prevent tree roots from encroaching, as they direct root growth downward, away from the fence line, while still allowing the tree to flourish without compromising its health. Also, tree roots can crack the driveway of your home!

4.  Plant Natural Windbreaks

Consider planting fast-growing, non-invasive trees or shrubs closer to the fence. These can act as natural windbreaks, guiding the growth of larger trees away from the fence due to the shelter they provide. This is a creative fence project idea to add something unique and practical.

5.  Search For Professional Intervention

If the tree-fence entanglement is extensive and complex, seeking assistance from an arborist is advisable. Arborists possess the expertise to devise a tailored plan that considers both the health of the tree and the integrity of the fence.

Avoid this common landscaping mistake between trees and fences with prevention!

How Far From The Fence Should I Plant A Tree?

When planning to have a fence around a tree trunk, the distance is a crucial factor. Tree removal is not going to be necessary if you plan it through. To ensure harmonious growth and minimal fence interference, follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Small trees: plant them at least three to five feet away from the fence, this allows ample space for the root system to expand without disturbing the fence structure.
  • Medium trees: for trees with a projected height of thirty to fifty feet, aim for a distance of ten to fifteen feet from the fence, this accounts for both root spread and canopy growth.
  • Large trees: if you are considering majestic trees that can reach heights of over fifty feet, provide them with a generous twenty to thirty feet of clearance from the fence, this allows for expansive root systems and unhindered growth.

By implementing these tips and solutions, you can enjoy the beauty of flourishing trees without compromising the integrity of your fence. Make sure to have homeyou’s tree services helping you out with trees growing around the fence! They are a guarantee of success!

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