Most homes in North America have wifi, and most families with wifi wish the signal was just a little stronger. So here are a few solutions to that issue. Here’s the lowdown on both how to increase wifi range and how to boost wifi speed. It only takes a few minutes of your time and the benefits will continue to roll in. You’ll be flying through the internet in no time. Just follow these tips.

“To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you're truly wireless.” - Ted Turner

Ideal Router Placement

The Wi-fi signal in your home can become stronger with these simple tricks
Here's how to boost the range of your signal. Source: Digital Trends

It’s good to know how to boost wifi signal on laptops. In a perfect world, you could place your router equidistant from all the devices in your home and have no obstructions to anything. But, this isn’t a perfect world. So the best thing you can do to ensure equal coverage for all your devices is to place it in as wide open a room as possible, with as few obstructions as possible. Make sure the location is as centralized as possible. Here are some other helpful tips for boosting your wifi signal.

  • Mount the router above table height
  • Keep doors near the router open
  • Keep router away from appliances
  • Update firmware
  • Adjust the antennas
  • Add aluminum (foil, cans) to antennas
  • Buy a wifi signal repeater

The Reset Schedule

The real test: does it work with the app?
Yes, they have an app for that. Source: Alternevito

Some internet service providers even have an analytical app that can help manage your wifi signal. The app will measure the amount of wifi you’re getting in each room, crunch the numbers, and figure out how to get the best signal throughout your house. Additionally it will help improve wifi in your home. Here are just a few features the app can have:

  • Identifies which wifi channels have the least and most traffic
  • Is an active monitor for signal strength
  • Can check signal status
  • Optimizes home network
  • Works in junction with a range extender

Set Up Mirrors

Strange but true: mirrors can help
It sounds strange, but glass mirrors can help. Source: HGTV

It may sound silly, but glass mirrors actually will reflect wireless signals around the home. This is because they usually contain a thin metal layer that acts as a boost. This is really handy to have when you want to know how to increase wifi range. So carefully place a mirror around your router in a way that will send some of that wifi just a little bit further.

Upgrade Your Router

Sometimes poor signal quality is as simple as having an old router. If this is the case, give your internet service provider (ISP) a call and see if they will replace it for free. Otherwise, new routers aren’t incredibly expensive.

Also it helps to know how to extend wifi range with another router. This means that you could potentially get a new, faster router and then boost the range with your old model. In any case, it can’t hurt to try.

Wifi Bridge, or Wifi Signal Repeater

Or you can just buy a repeater from Amazon
Buy one from Amazon

Both bridges and repeaters are simply devices that duplicate and therefore extend the range of your router’s signal. Ideally you would place it in an equidistant room from the router, so as to best relay the signal as clearly as possible and get the maximum range needed. A wifi signal repeater will then act as a sort of boost that repeats the wireless signal. They’re very handy to have around.

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