Laundry rooms are seen as a practical room above anything else, which is why in many cases it tends to go neglected in terms of design and decoration. And it is true:  a laundry should be practical first, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room to get creative.

Another common problem of adding to laundry rooms is that they’re usually small, leaving little room (quite literally) to improvisation. But hey, limitation is the best catalyst for creativity! There are plenty of ways we can add, change, upgrade and innovate laundry rooms even when working with a tight space and budget.

But most importantly, we can keep things practical as they should be!

“The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed. – Bennett Cerf

1. Add shelving to unused corners

Especially when talking about a small laundry room, you should always look at unused corners as potential space for shelving and storage!

This can be as simple as a ladder shelf in the corner for supplies, but a proper shelf can also be implemented if given enough space. Then you’ll have an entirely new corner for storing the most useful supplies, towels, clothes, and even a bit of decoration.

2. Create a folding station

A folding station doesn’t need to be bigger than a countertop. Take a look around and see if you can add counter space anywhere – this could be above the washing machine, in a corner with free space, on the opposite wall of the washing machine… there’s lots of places to look.

The idea behind a folding station inside the laundry room is for convenience and practicality. You can fold everything you need to right there and bring them in already folded – no need to fold stuff by the bed before storing away.

3. More counter space

More counter space is always a good thing. As mentioned before, you can make it a folding station for extra convenience around the house, but it can also be a general use space for everything else you need.

Laundry rooms are busy, so this extra counter space is great if you just need to throw some things over it to organize later, but it’s also good for folding and ironing clothes before taking them back to the closet. And of course, either corner can be used for storing a few of your most used supplies for easy access.

4. Add storage space

Along with shelving and counter space, you might already get a little more storage space as a bonus, but it’s important to consider nonetheless.

Storage goes for washing and cleaning supplies, towels, rags, and so on. You might also want to consider a few larger baskets specifically for clothing to be washed or folded, so that they’re easy to pick up and carry around.

Open shelves are really good for laundry rooms, since they keep everything on display – you can easily find what you want at a glance and it will always be at arms reach.

5. Matching decoration

With all the practical stuff out of the way, you can take some time to consider the look of everything.

Laundry rooms often shine with light and neutral tones, and you can go a long way by simply matching everything in a similar tone. It gives laundry rooms a clean and bright atmosphere, which is perfect for a room where you do a lot of cleaning!

Adding one or two houseplants is also a nice touch!

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