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If you’re like most homeowners, energy efficiency is a real concern. Most people want to know how to conserve heat in your home. This will help out your monthly bills and also be a more green method of running your house. So save money this winter and learn how you can beat high energy costs.

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Seal Your Windows

Making sure the interior windows stand up to the cold
Be sure to seal everything! Source: DIY network

Probably the biggest thing you can do to improve the heating capacity of your home is to pay attention to your windows. Properly sealing your windows can greatly impact the amount of heat being lost in your home. Here are some other related ways to save on heating costs.

  • Replace weatherstripping around doors and windows
  • Fill in exterior gaps
  • Plastic film over windows
  • Caulk around windows
  • Seal ductwork
  • Get a modern programmable thermostat
  • Insulate electrical boxes
  • Lock your doors and windows

Ceiling Fans

Many homeowner are surprised to find out that not only do their ceiling fans have a “reverse” feature, but that it can help lower your monthly heating costs. By keeping the warm air closer to the floor, it allows your home to maintain the temperature better for longer. This is just one of many winter energy saving tips.

Get a Checkup

Making sure the HVAC unit is working at optimal efficiency
Give your system a tune-up. Source: HGTV

Getting your heating or HVAC system checked up can also be a real money saver. Having an efficiently running unit can make all the difference when it comes to heating your home over the winter. This is a great method on how to save money on natural gas bills.

Use the Sun!

Make the most out of free, natural solar heat. It’s as simple as opening up your curtains during the day and closing them at night. This allows the heat to set in more effectively. Have the sun work for your home energy. This is a great tip on how to conserve heat in your home. Keep the following in mind:

  • Window placement
  • Where your home sees the most sunlight
  • Special window treatments for the sun
  • Solar panels
  • Solar water heater
  • Thermal mass

Have Your Ductwork Cleaned

Also be sure that the ducts and vents are cleared out and ready to go.
When we say the HVAC system, we mean the whole system. Source: HGTV

Another relatively easy way to make sure your heating unit is running efficiently is to get the ducts and vents cleaned out. Not only will this allow the unit to run as intended, but it will also improve the air quality of your home. Like most of the advice o this list, you’ll notice that your heating bill average will go down. And again, like most items on this list, the service will eventually pay for itself.

Dress Warm

Another quick and easy fix is simply to dress warm
Dress warm for the weather. Source: A Day Trip

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but just dressing up for winter can keep you warm without taxing your heater’s abilities. This also frees up your thermostat to focus on the important things. Namely, ensuring that your pipes don’t burst from freezing. There are plenty of ways to save heat energy in your home, this is just one of the cheaper options.

Programmable Thermostat

On the subject of ways to cut heating costs, the programmable thermostat is definitely one of the most energy efficient methods available. It will significantly cut down on heating costs, because it can be programmed to raise or lower the heat depending on what time of the day it is. Some models even feature “zones” that you can set for maximum efficiency, or just a timer while you’re away. In any case, programmable thermostats are much advised.

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