According to the William Lawrence Murphy biography, it the early 1900s it was considered rude to invite a woman straight into your bedroom. So Mr. Murphy, who lived in a one-bedroom apartment, invented a fold-up bed to convert his bedroom into a parlor. That way he way able to entertain young women without breaking any sort of moral code. Nowadays it’s a great way to save on space in your home. So bring this classic look back in a modern style to create a truly unique furniture look with Murphy beds.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” - Benjamin Franklin

The Murphy Bed

A lovely bookshelf that is also a Murphy bed
For an intelligent, sophisticated vibe. Source: Organized Interiors

Sometimes called a “fold out bed,” “pull down bed,” or a “wall bed,” the Murphy bed is technically any folding bed frame that comes down on a hinge to form bedding. Nowadays different styles and designs can be applied to make the Murphy bed far more appealing. A foldable murphy bed can be adorned with pillows and blankets, and while this won’t maintain the functionality of the bed, it will certainly make a statement. Try adding the following to a Murphy bed:

  • Light gray and blue color scheme
  • Contemporary blankets
  • Lots of pillows
  • A plywood frame
  • Layers to the headboard
  • Old timey decor
  • Entire fold out closet unit
  • Unique art on the headboard
  • Garland
  • Lights

Guest Bedroom

Here's another fine example of how Murphy beds can make a huge difference
The peaches and cream color scheme really makes the room. Source: Bedroom Designs

Murphy beds are perfect for a guest bedroom doubling as storage. Seeing as they can fold out, you immediately save on a lot of floor space. And seeing as they can fold back up, you can temporarily house guests with little to no loss in storage space. Feel free to throw out the following decor ideas for a guest room with a Murphy bed:

  • Artistic rugs
  • Fancy pillows
  • A work desk
  • Contemporary art
  • Books
  • A TV
  • Nightstand
  • Colors!
  • Personal cubby
  • Flowers

Build One Yourself!

You can always make your own custom bed as well
For all the Whovians out there: the TARDIS wall bed. Source: Handimania

Because it’s nearly impossible to install a Murphy bed into a wall with modern framework, you can always make your own! With simple tools and basic instructions, you can create a fully functional fold down bed, or simply make a unique headboard for yourself. As always, be sure to measure twice, and cut once. Here’s how to build a murphy bed:

  1. Create a “cut list” before you start on the lumber
  2. Cut all pieces accordingly
  3. Create the struts
  4. Assemble your subframe
  5. Be sure to round any corners
  6. Attach the headboard
  7. Then the footboards
  8. Move onto the side rails
  9. Finally the panels
  10. Then add your own touches to the piece

Murphy Bed Kit

Need a hand in making a wall bed? Try out a Murphy bed kit. You can get everything you need to enjoy a fold out bed and for a fraction of the cost. A Murphy bed kit will also come with instructions, so you won’t be left with any Ikea-like guesswork. Otherwise you can simply purchase one.

Yes, They’re Still Being Sold in Stores Even Today

Here's a great way to rest, relax, and save on space. Source: Amazon

Don’t let the trends of the past fool you. Even today foldable Murphy beds are being sold in stores. You can purchase the kits as well. Order online and have the unit shipped to your address, free of any hassle. There is a wide variety of different styles and designs, and all of them are compatible with memory foam mattresses.

Looking for different ideas when it comes to bedding? Do you like the unique look of Murphy beds? Get in touch with a pro today to get a free estimate on a custom bed design!

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