Summer is one of the most popular seasons and for good reason. We all look forward to going on hikes, taking long walks on the beach, and enjoying outdoor adventures with our loved ones, including pets.

However, knowing summer pet safety tips is a must if you want to enjoy guilt-free fun with your dogs and cats and keep them healthy. Keep reading to learn some tips and help you enjoy a worry-free season with your furry friends! 

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Have a Hidden Spot for Your Pet to Relax In

Most pets have a spot in the house where they like to chill and relax when it’s hot. For instance, your cat might like to relax on the tiled floor of your kitchen to help keep their fur cool.

Make sure your pets always have access to their favorite areas so they can get some respite from the heat. 

Always keep doors and windows open for healthy air circulation and so your pets can walk outside (and come back inside) whenever they feel like it. 


Hydration is an important part of pet safety. You want to keep your dog or cat from becoming dehydrated by making fresh bowls of water available for them at all times. 

For best results, invest in a heavy ceramic bowl that you can place outside without worrying about it getting damaged or becoming hot to the touch after some sun exposure like metal ones do. 


Keep an eye out for signs that they’re thirsty and always keep a bowl and a water bottle with you when taking them for a walk. 

Play Inside Your House

As much as your pet might want to play outside all day because the weather’s so nice, you must try and limit the amount of time they spend exposed to the sun, especially as temperatures continue to rise. 

Direct them towards areas that have shade and make sure that such areas are abundant and spread out throughout the yard to accommodate changes in the sun’s direction. 

Don’t Trim Your Pet

While most dog breeds need to be trimmed for the summer to get rid of excess fur shedding, it’s best to avoid giving your pet too many haircuts as it might not be good for them. 

In fact, there are some pets whose mane shouldn’t be shaved altogether because their fur coat protects them from the sun and overheating.

Protect the Paws

If you plan on taking your pet for a walk during this hot season, then you should definitely invest in some cute doggy boots to protect their feet from hot pavement or sand, as pets’ paws are just as sensitive to heat and cold as your bare feet. 

If you’re not able to purchase booties for your pet, then you should be mindful of floor temperatures and walk on the grass as much as possible. 

Change the Time When You Take Your Dog Out for a Walk

The summer season is one of the best times to get fit with your pet by taking daily walks. However, be mindful of the weather when going out and try to keep your walks during the cooler hours of the day, which are usually at dawn or dusk. 

Don’t Leave the Dog Inside Your Car

There’s a reason why you should never leave your pet in the car. Internal car temperatures are very different from the outdoor temperature. This means that even if outside temperatures are cool, the internal temperature of your car can go up to 102 degrees even with the windows open! 

For best results, you should never leave your pet in the car, no matter how quick you think your errands will be. 

Be Careful with the Pet Diet

Few (if any) pet owners can resist their pet when they put their paw out in request for something. But, just because something smells good to your pet and they desire it, doesn’t mean that you should give in. 

Consuming things like chicken skin, meat fat, raw pork and bones can hurt your pet immensely. Corn cobs are also dangerous for pets and must be disposed of properly. 

Buy a Life Vest

One of the best things during summer is to enjoy a relaxing lake or take a swim on the beach. However, pets also get very excited with water and might jump in without realizing the consequences. 

Unless you’re absolutely certain your pet can swim, put them in a doggy life vest before you go playing in the water with them. 

Learn How to Give First Aid

Heatstroke is an issue for dogs and cats alike. You’ll know your pet has it when they start showing a few signs, such as: 

  • Drooling
  • Looking lethargic
  • Agitated
  • Panting
  • In extreme cases, they may eventually collapse

If you notice your pet exhibiting these symptoms, get them to a shady area immediately, give them some fresh water and cover them with a cold wet towel. 

Once the worst is over, take your pet to the vet for proper treatment. 

Peace of Mind

There’s no better feeling than the peace of mind that comes from creating a safe pet environment for your furry friend. 

From dog car safety to practicing safe walking and swimming, be sure to apply these summer pet safety tips and have fun out there! 

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