Whenever we’re talking about home improvement, it’s usually about the big projects. Remodels and additions, painting entire rooms, converting a room, and so on. And all of those can be extremely useful and rewarding for your home, but we can’t forget about smaller projects that focus on a single thing: quality of life.

Yes, most projects are born from necessity and often with urgency. But if you can take the initiative, you will find that you can improve the quality of life in your home by a lot. Sometimes relatively small projects can give a lot of extra comfort, and that matters way more than you think.

So let me show you what I mean by these projects that will highly improve your quality of life!

Underfloor heating

Particularly useful during winter and fall, heated floors are wonderful additions that make walking around the house more comfortable, even during the coldest nights. It also helps in keeping a pleasant indoor temperature, even if only by a little.

Be sure to analyze the pros and cons of heated floors, but I’m sure you’ll find that the benefit is just too good to pass, especially if you live in an area with harsh winters. You can wake up and never again have that shock of touching your feet on the freezing floor!

Better interior lighting

This is an extremely underrated upgrade. Lighting can affect us more than it seems, but we often get used to bad lighting and forget that we can change it.

Not only does it affect our mood, but it can actively strain our vision. That leads to headaches, and, over time, deteriorating eyesight.

To start, look for light bulbs you can replace with a stronger potency, especially in larger rooms. Then, you can make finer adjustments by adding light sources where necessary.

But remember that in the daytime, you can simply open windows and curtains – sunlight is essential for your health and this counts too!


The benefits of houseplants are not only aesthetical – though that’s also a plus. On top of looking great in pretty much any room, the secret to houseplants is how they improve your indoor air quality.

During these remaining winter months, indoor air quality is a boon that’s hard to pass on. And besides, many houseplants are very low-maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about picking up gardening just for this. Most of them require watering and occasional sunlight – and that’s it.

Transform your attic, garage, or basement

Adding a room to your house is an undertaking, but many times you already have a decent room to spare, you just need to transform it.

Garages, attics, and basements are usually saved for storage and not much else, but if you could really use another room, any of these can be turned into living space without the need for any additions or major remodels.

For example, check our guide on how to convert an attic into a room to see what I mean!

Heated faucet

A very simple change but one that you’ll never stop appreciating: a faucet with instant hot water.

Especially now during the winter, this is a huge benefit to your daily routine, whether it’s for washing dishes or simply cleaning your hands, you’ll always find a use for it. It’s even useful if you need to boil some water since you can bring it to a boil faster when it’s already hot to begin with.

A new thermostat

Finally, to round off any potential winter upgrades you might be missing, you should consider a new thermostat.

It might seem like it’s not such a big deal, but if yours is a bit old, you might have missed the upgrades that have been made over the years. Thermostats now are essentially smart home upgrades that can link with your phone, allowing for a lot of control, automation, and energy efficiency without any hassle.

The simple benefit of being able to control it with your smartphone is already nice since you almost always have it around anyway. But the option to automate certain actions is even better, such as turning it on shortly before you arrive home from work so that your home is already pleasant upon your arrival, which makes it even more appealing.

If that sounds good to you, remember that you can get free quotes from HVAC pros in your area with the click of a button. Start planning and enjoy the rest of the winter with the comfort you deserve!


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