Beautiful landscapes always attract the attention of anyone that happens to wander by, but some property owners don’t have the time or experience with this sort of project. Many people hire a landscape company to perform the maintenance work necessary to keep everything looking crisp, clean and well-kept.

However, there are times when an average landscaping company won't suffice for the challenging landscape design process that is best done by a knowledgeable and highly trained landscaping architect.

Keep reading to discover 7 times when you should hire a landscape architect based on expert guidance from successful landscaping companies already seasoned in this kind of outdoor design work.

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." – George S. Patton

You Wish to Increase Curb Appeal & Raise Overall Property Value

It is astonishing how simple and precise front yard landscaping can dramatically increase a home's curb appeal. Planting trees, shrubs and flowers can instantly attract favorable attention and provide a gorgeous backdrop to your exterior home features. 

This kind of landscape design work may even raise the overall value of your home and/or property, which is why sellers are always looking for this service. 

You Live in a Flood Zone or Areas Prone to Catastrophic Weather Events

Many homes and businesses are built in a flood zone, and nowadays even more properties are located in geographical areas that are prone to property damaging catastrophic weather events, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. 

However, there are some effective steps that can be taken to decrease the impact of a significant weather event or other scenario on your property.

A landscape specialist can assess your home, determine if there are any high-risk factors and then design a landscaping plan that will remedy whatever property issues are present. 

This can include building up low areas of your lawn that tend to collect water that rolls down from higher elevated properties nearby, and improving drainage on your lawn to prevent water pooling near your foundation.

You Desire to Create Unique Outdoor Retaining Walls or Terraces

A landscape architect can also design certain structural elements to even out hilly landscapes by installing a gorgeous and practical retaining wall. This structure can keep fragile soil and loosened ground cover from washing away after a heavy rainstorm. 

Many homeowners with uneven yards or homes built into a hill can add tiered terraces and other gardening planters that help to connect these different levels together into a cohesive unit.

You Want Landscaping to Complement Your Home's Architectural Style

Another important benefit of using seasoned landscaping services is that trained professionals and architects can design your ideal landscape that will complement your home's architectural style making the entire outdoor spaces appear balanced.

You Desire to Create a Beautiful Outdoor Living Retreat Area

Many families decide to create backyard living spaces that may include stunning garden landscaping as well. Creating an outdoor family retreat area is something that can be enjoyed together for many years and decades to come.

Consider building an outdoor kitchen or warming center complete with a working fireplace or fire pit with comfortable seating nearby. Other ideas include water features like a waterfall, a lily pond, a running rock-garden brook or an elegant water fountain. 

A talented landscape architect can design anything from a swimming pool, patio area and natural stone, brick or cement walkways that will blend into the greater landscape design theme.

You Want to Maximize Your Property's Greatest Potential

There are some properties that have difficult terrain challenges, while others are simply too small for traditional landscape features. This is another common reason to hire a local landscape architect able to develop your dream property vision and put in on paper. 

The landscape team can then transform the design into a spectacular outdoor space that is scaled to the exact size dimensions of your property.

You Wish to Include Eco-Friendly Measures for Sustainable Landscapes

More home and business owners are determined to lessen their carbon footprint left on the planet. One way to do this is to include eco-friendly landscaping measures designed to transform property into lovely sustainable landscapes. 

A talented landscape architect can determine which steps to take based on their in-depth land assessments, site analysis and land planning or better planet-friendly stormwater management.


Property owners everywhere are seeing the advantages of hiring reputable landscaping companies to transform problematic terrains and grounds into an extraordinary well-coordinated landscape that perfectly suits each place and land owner.

Consulting with a successful landscape architect at any point in the project process is a wise move that can help ensure that the end result will be exactly what the property owner envisioned.      

Are you ready to transform your home’s landscape? Then contact a local landscape architect and request a free consultation! 


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