Our noses deal with a lot of different smells every day. Some are pleasant, like the smell of freshly cut lilies or freshly baked bread. But others can be offensive, such as the smell of smoke or of something that’s burnt. 

Whatever the smell is, one thing’s for sure: they will affect your mood. That’s why we’re sharing with you tips on how to remove smoke smell from objects so that you don’t have to tolerate the more offensive smells that can impregnate your house. 

The problem with smoke smells is that they have a knack for sticking around on surfaces, clothes, and upholstery, making them one of the most difficult odors to get rid of. Luckily, there are a few effective ways on how to remove smoke smell from objects and all without breaking the bank. 

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Air the Place

Fresh air is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of smoke odors. If you notice that your house smells smoky or have just burnt something that might cause smoke to catch onto surfaces, simply open all the nearby windows and doors to let fresh air in. 

If you have portable fans, bring them to the affected area and switch them on while facing the blades outward so they can pull the air out of the room. 

This should be done for up to 24 hours in order to be effective. Be sure to place items like clothing, books, and furniture outside so they can get some sun and to speed up effective odor removal via UV rays penetration. 

Remember: Just don’t leave certain materials out for too long as they might get damaged by intense sunlight. This includes embroidered pillows or other types of upholstery that are made from dyed and delicate fabrics. 

Use Vinegar Wash

Of its many uses, vinegar is a fantastic odor neutralizer and has been known to help mask strong odors. 

It has a low pH which effectively opposes high pH smoke molecules in order to reduce the smell. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any lingering vinegar odor because it will naturally dissipate once dried. 

Try Charcoal

When searching for tips on how to get rid of cigarette smell in the house, I came across this method of using charcoal. 

Apparently, charcoal contains carbon molecules that work to trap smells chemically in order to remove them. Processed charcoal works best because of its powerful absorption ability. 

Your local home improvement centers probably have activated charcoal products in the form of burlap packs or small fabric bags. They’re typically labeled as odor or smoke eliminators. 

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a versatile odor elimination method that works to remove smoke odor from upholstery as well as floors and walls. How does it work? 

The heat from the steam melts the smoke molecules, and then the associated tar and oils are wiped out of the surface.

Steam machines are typically sold or rented out at home improvement centers for about $25 per hour. To use this method, gently mist surfaces with heated vapor while making sure to move around the steamer’s head so that you don’t over-moisturize a single area. 

You can also simply call a local steam cleaning company to do this service for you and save you the hassle. 

Hire a Professional Service

If all else fails, then you might need to call in the big guns. 

Professional cleaning service providers typically offer an odor removal service where they’ll treat upholstery, floors, and walls with professional-grade cleaners and chemicals that you can’t purchase at your local store. They also bring to the table certain cleaning skills that you might not have access to. 

Having a Fresh House Once Again

Now that you know how to remove smoke smell from all types of surfaces, you shouldn’t have to stress about discovering that you’ve burnt your casserole or one of your kids has caused smoke odor of any kind. 

Sure, it can be time-consuming to try and remove smoke odor but it’s well worth it for your own peace of mind and to get your home smelling fresh again. 

The great thing about these techniques is that they’re pretty easy to apply and they don’t cost much at all unless your situation is so severe that you literally have to call on a professional and pay them to fix the problem for you. 

Even then, it’ll be money well spent considering the peace of mind you’ll have afterward knowing that you’ll be able to breathe fresh air in your house again. 

Need some help removing odor smells from your home? Then contact a local cleaning company and request a free quote!


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