Many people love the look and feel of beautiful carpets beneath their feet. It’s comfortable, warm, and makes the house feel much cozier. However, sometimes they may need some TLC to avoid a disaster if something drops accidently and causes a stain. 

Fortunately, there are some easy and effective ways to safely remove carpet stains according to our carpet cleaning experts! 

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough." – Og Mandino

Test Recommended Carpet Stain Remover on Small Portion of Carpet First

There are many different types of carpet stain removal products on the market, and all promise to be effective and gentle on your carpet. However, not all carpet stains removing products live up to those promises. In fact, some products can even ruin your expensive carpet even when the directions are followed exactly.

Before using any product on your rugs, always do a test spot in a small carpet area not easily seen. 

Here’s how to do it:

Start by carefully applying a small amount on the product then cover with a white or light colored cloth for about 10 seconds. Look to see if any color from your carpet is rubbing off onto the cloth. 

  1. If it is, quickly apply some water and blot dry then cover with several paper towels that are weighted down. Replace towels until dry.
  2. If there is no dye runoff, apply the carpet cleaner for the specific stain you are trying to remove. Rinse well and blot dry being careful not to saturate the carpet with too much water or cleaning product. Dry with weighted paper towels as before.

Quick Action Steps to Take When Something Is Spilled Onto Carpets

Carpet cleaning professionals have some great tips that make them successful in their business. Use these strategies on stains you encounter:

Act Quick

Don't wait for a stain to become set into the inner layers of the carpet fibers. Act right away after a spill or stain occurs. The longer one waits before removing a stain the more likely it is that the stain may be permanent.

Don't Scrub - Blot Gently Instead

Scrubbing or rubbing at a stain on a carpet will only push the offending material further down into the carpet pile, which only makes it worse. Vigorous rubbing can damage the carpet fibers creating a noticeable flaw that may require professional carpet repair from a carpet cleaning specialist.

When a stain is seen, gently blot the area with a soft, clean cloth and refrain from pushing too heavily. Most carpets today do have some stain resistant protection on the surface, and the quicker that the stain is addressed, the greater the chance that the stain removal process will work.

Some Solid Material Carpet Stains Need Gentle Scraping

There are some stains that occur on carpets that can solidify leaving a solid material on the surface of the carpet fibers. Examples of these are wax, from melted crayons or candle wax drippings, makeup, certain food stains, heavy grease or grime, among others.

These stains will require very gentle scraping with a curved metal spoon or similar item. Be careful not to cut into the fibers. After the material is loosened and scraped off, vacuum the spot to remove those shavings.

Carpet Stain Removal Tips for the Experts

If you do not have the proper product to safely remove a carpet stain, you can make a gentle stain removal solution using just a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid soap mixed into a cup of lukewarm clean water.

  1. Follow the recommended test instructions and follow with above blotting stain steps to gently remove visible stains. 
  2. Use a small amount of clear water to blot the stain afterwards to remove the soapy residue. 
  3. Dry with weighted absorbent cloth or paper towels replacing until carpet is dry. 
  4. Use only a small amount of dishwashing soap to avoid overload.

Note: Never use pure dishwasher or laundry detergents as they are too harsh for carpets.

Tips for Stubborn Coffee Stain Carpet Cleaning Remedy

If the above gentle dishwashing soap and water solution doesn't remove stubborn stains like coffee, tea or soda, mix a solution of 1 cup white vinegar to 2 cups water. Apply carefully and follow with rinse and dry techniques.

Special Cleaning Tips for Blood or Pet Urine Stains

Always use cool water on suspected blood, pet urine or other darker stain materials. Warm or hot water can set the stain in making it permanent. For pet urine stains, follow with a special carpet pet deodorizer to remove the foul odor that tends to linger.

Call a Carpet Cleaning Specialist for Best End Results

To prevent permanent damage when trying to remove carpet stains, call a carpet cleaning specialist for the best end results. They’ll know exactly what to do, even if your carpet is a relic and can easily be damaged. 

Contact a professional carpet cleaning company to help you out if you don’t have the time or patience to properly deal with a stain! 


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