When homeowners start decorating the house, they don't always pay attention to the outside area. The concern often ends up focused on the rooms and the bedroom. However, the space can be a great asset to your property when it’s well designed. 

It can be very useful to have a deck in the backyard, even a small one. Think about a great place for the kids to play, to have an intimate dinner, or simply to prepare a BBQ and hang out with friends. 

Sounds great, right? Keep reading to find out great small deck ideas that experts recommend! 

1. Optimize the layout

To make your outdoor area more inviting, set up some chairs with a side or center table. This combination is your great ally in family moments: it leaves guests at ease and comfortable while also creating a cozy atmosphere.

If necessary, the chairs can be exchanged for puffs or futons or even a small couch. These alternatives provide seating without neglecting sophistication and comfort. 

Built-in seating can be a huge space saver for small decks, as the seating area is anchored to the wall or in a specific corner and leaves the center of the deck open.

2. Work around existing features

If your space comes with a different feature, like a tree or structural support that divides the area where you would like to install a deck, try to incorporate it into the project. For example, in a tree you can hang a hammock or use it as a shade for the deck, so you won’t need to build a roof. 

The rails can have built-in benches, making the space in the center larger, but not taking away the comfort. Exposed brick walls give a more rustic charm if combined with the right furniture in the environment.

3. Interesting walls

Small decks surrounded by walls may look even smaller, but you can reduce that feeling by enhancing the walls around them. If having an opening is not an option, then provide fresh air by hanging plants or creating a vertical garden. The contact with greenery transforms our mood, making us more relaxed and at ease. 

There are plenty of ways to adapt the decoration with greenery, and one of the most beloved is the vertical garden, modern and versatile. This type of garden adds a touch of nature even to the smallest deck designs.

4. Internal-external flow

Decks built directly from a room in the house create bonus living space, even if the deck is small. The more natural the transition from indoors to outdoors, the more two areas will flow together, making the two spaces feel larger. 

Try to position your furniture and other features in a way that complements the other room, leaving space to walk freely and not blocking vision.

5. Choose thinner or see-through railings

If there is a change in level between your deck and the ground, you will likely need to install railings to comply with building codes. Small decks can look even smaller if they are surrounded by heavy railings. 

Instead, try a style that feels light and open, like glass panels or cable railings around the deck. They seem to disappear from view, expanding the boundary. Talk to local deck building companies to check out the best option for your property. 

6. Outdoor dining

The space outside the house is an alternative to get out of the routine. Decorating the environment with furniture can provide incredible and peaceful moments, such as an outdoor dinner with the family or friends. 

A small table for 4 is a great option for a meal on the deck and can be accompanied by chairs, benches, or beanbags, so as not to occupy too much out of the space. 

The idea is even better when shared, so enjoy a hot day and invite that friend of yours that you haven't seen in a few months. Catching up to date and having laughs is the secret to happiness.

7. Rest Corner

We've already come to the agreement that the outdoor area is our refuge, right? And what can't be missing in little corners like this? A nice and comfortable reading corner, of course! You can go for a hammock, a beanbag, or even a small but cozy armchair. They are at the top of the list for those who want warmth and charm. 

There are plenty of options with different colors, sizes, and models, so you’re bound to find something perfect for your space. 

Is your deck in need of repairs or a fresh coat of sealant? Talk to a local company specialized in deck repair and staining and request a free quote!


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