Nothing says stressful like the holidays, right? While they sound like tons of fun, the holiday season can bring with it tons of headaches instead, especially if you're the one hosting and you don't have much room to host in. Luckily, you're not the only one who has found themselves in this situation, and there are more tricks out there to maximize your space (both legitimate tips and bogus 'hacks') than there are forks at a fancy dinner party. From tiny homes to mansions, we've compiled the list below with some of the best tricks to 'save space', ranging from simple, better organization to building extra, smarter storage. Take a look and get started now - once the holidays arrive, it'll be a load off, and you'll fly through your entertaining duties with ease.

Dual Use Furniture

Perfect for saving space in the kitchen
Fold out drawer furniture Small House Design

In some small spaces, the furniture is really what prohibits you making the most out of the space you have, but why settle for furniture that takes up space, only to be used for one function? Additions like this, which functions as a drawer or as extra counter space, can make all the difference, especially when prepping in the kitchen for guests.

Organized bedrooms have the most space
Fold out bed Pinterest

Or how about this option? Having a guest bedroom isn’t an efficient use of a room in a small space (an entire room that’s only used a few times a year? Really?), but with this set up, you can turn any living room or office into a guest room, complete with a guest bed that doesn’t fold up into the wall.

Use All Available Space

Bathroom pull out drawers for anything
Bathroom pull out drawers This Old House

Maybe it’s not the furniture that’s getting in your way, but all the piles of stuff instead that doesn’t have a place to go. One of the keys to saving space in a small home is having a place for everything, and sometimes that means being creative with your storage options. Check out this narrow pull out shelving, for instance - it makes use of previously unused space in a bathroom for all the sprays and creams you could possible need this season.

Staircases in step with organization
Staircase drawer Pinterest

These stairs make for a great storage option too: instead of shoes or other knick-knacks piling up everywhere, you can keep them nice and organized and out of sight without taking up extra room with a closet or bookcase. Plus, installing these might give you the chance to update your flooring, while you’re at it - and just in time for the holidays!

Fold Out Furniture

Fold out work desk for an office space
Fold out desk Brit

Instead of letting furniture take up so much space, why not choose options that fold up and out of sight when not in use? While this desk isn’t a DIY option, there are plenty that are, which means you get to customize the furniture for what fits your space. Again, instead of setting aside an entire room for an office, fold up desks give you options.

Minimalist dining room table interior wall
Simple table Oddity Mall

Fold up furniture doesn’t just have to take the form of a desk - you can also look into options like a cute kitchen table for extra seating or a side serving table in the dining room or living room. Perfect for Thanksgiving dinners with lots of dishes, or even just for guests to rest their drinks.

Clothing Storage

Mobile clothes rack save a great deal of room
Mobile clothing rack Garment Rack

Fall and winter parties don’t only mean more house guests, they also mean more coats, hats, and scarves to find room for, and hopefully in a way that doesn’t mean throwing them all on the bed (you’re not in college anymore). Hosting pros take advantage of portable furniture, like freestanding clothes racks, to keep guests’ winter wear clean, organized, and easy to find. Best part is you get to put it away once the night is over!

Storage closet for any room in your home
Contain your things Container Store

Not just for entryway organization, if you have houseguests staying in a room usually used as an office or study, there might not be as much closet space as they’d want or need (if there is any at all, that is). Brands like Elfa offer beautiful solutions for clothing storage, all of which stands freely (nothing is mounted to the wall). A definite space saver, even if it’s only used for your own holiday sweater collection!

Magnetize the Little Things

Keep your spice rack neat and organized
Spice rack A Beautiful Mess

Surface space is the most limited in the kitchen and in the bathroom, for sure, and it can get especially limited if you’re cooking for many more people than usual. Instead of cluttering up the counters with spices, try attaching a magnet to the bottom of the container and organizing them on the fridge. They make for a beautiful display and keep spices close for when you need them.

Metallic bars in the kitchen will never go unused
Magnets Life Hacker

Just like in the kitchen, there are tons of little things you might need close by in the bathroom, but leaving them all clustered around the sink can lead to knocking over containers or no place to put down a toothbrush. Keep your small metal objects - like clippers, bobby pins, and safety pins - organized by installing a magnetic strip on the wall or the inside of the medicine cabinet. You’ll save time not having to look for each item, and the counter will be clear for all the houseguests this holiday season is sure to bring you!

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