If you want to surprise your mom with a wonderful surprise this Mother’s Day, then I got you covered! We only have a couple of days from now to prepare though, so let’s make it quick, shall we?

These are a collection of gift and activity ideas that your mom will love, ranging from sentimental to funny, and from thoughtful to practical! You will definitely find ways to surprise your mom and create new moments that both of you will cherish from now on.

Create a gift basket

Gift baskets are pretty simple to set up with a visit to your local market, and you can make it really special. You probably know your mom or the special women in your life very well, so pick up her favorite snacks, favorite beverage, and perhaps a few scented candles – there’s a lot you can do.

You can also use the gift box for presenting a simpler gift, like a new set of mugs, beauty products, luxury chocolate... The possibilities are endless, so take your time and let your creativity flow!

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Give her some free time

An underrated Mother Day idea is to just give your mom some free time. There are a number of ways in which you can accomplish this:

The most common is to take whatever her current to-do list is and do it yourself, freeing her up to enjoy Mother’s Day without any work. You can also just casually ask if she needs something done and surprise her with the results.

Another thing most moms do is to clean and organize the house, regardless of anyone’s protest. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you could hire a house cleaner while you take her out for coffee as a little surprise.

Well, as long as she wouldn’t be mad about it – you know how moms can be!

Cook her favorite meal

A mother’s cooking is always the best, but I’m sure she has a favorite meal and it’s very unlikely that someone has made it for her in a long time. Make the move to cook her favorite meal, and if that sounds appealing, maybe both of you could cook together during Mother’s Day.

Schedule a spa day for her

Every mom deserves a rest. If you can’t get your mom to relax at home, consider scheduling a spa for her! Now that’s a Mother’s Day gift she won’t forget… and will probably ask for a repeat every year.

It’s a wonderful experience that she will really enjoy, and hey, if she feels a bit awkward going by herself, schedule for the both of you to go together. It’s a nice break for the weekend and I’m betting she will want to go again after this.

Invite her to a movie or TV series session

Just invite her to sit down and rewatch her favorite movie, or perhaps even a TV series marathon – a lot of moms like to rewatch Friends, for example.

And hey, depending on what she likes to watch, you can always take the opportunity to gift her a few months of Netflix, HBO, Disney+, or whichever streaming service you think she will enjoy more!

Invite her on a shopping spree

Going online and filling the shopping cart with stuff can also be fun, but you can now safely invite your mom out for a shopping spree together. Take her to her favorite shopping mall with some limit on the credit card and have fun!

Offer a home improvement service

This is particularly useful if your mom lives far away from you. Maybe her house needs a new paint job, some repairs or replacements of old hardware, or a hardwood floor refinish… there are a number of things you could offer.

Get free quotes for any service she needs and pay it for her as a gift. A home improvement project can offer a huge quality of life benefit, which moms deserve more than anyone!


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