Living is small places is a reality for most of us, but there are several ways of making better use of that space without having to expend a fortune or moving out. In fact, you can love you small room so much you won’t know what to do in a bigger one! Let’s take a look at what we can do to make the most out of small rooms!

Practical things are practical

Interior home organization for a bedroom
Source: Freshome

OK, let’s get the obvious out of the way: focus on getting things that are practical. Avoid getting stuff just for the sake of getting stuff, even if it seems like it won’t get in the way. The best way to decide what to get is thinking how it will impact your room. Will it help in any way? If not, save it.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you’re not allowed to decorate. You just need to adapt your way of thinking: go for furniture that is both practical and beautiful. The image above shows a nice balance - there are enough drawers embedded beneath the bed to store bedroom related stuff, and enough table space to work on a laptop, all while having books within arm’s reach.

Create zones

Create interior zones using kitchen cabinets and home furniture
Source: HouseBeautiful

This is the most basic tool for making the most out of a small room - using furniture to separate spaces and create zones. That way, you can easily set them apart and incidentally, make the room look a lot bigger and organized.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Mirror glass on the wall as decor
Source: HouseBeautiful

Mirrors are fantastic for two reasons: they help shine light across small rooms to make them brighter, and, because of the reflection, they expand your sense of space, making the room feel a lot bigger than it actually is. And they’re usually pretty cheap!

Lighten up

Lighten up with bright white interior paint display
Source: Small Rooms

If you’re painting and decorating from scratch, work on those brighter tones - they are known to enhance the feeling of being in a spacious environment, while darker tones do the exact opposite. This doesn’t mean you should just go on an “EVERYTHING-WILL-BE-WHITE-NOW” rampage, you can still experiment with lighters shades of any color you like.

Create vertical space

Create vertical space with home furniture and decor
Source: House & Garden

Not having a lot of horizontal space is not the end of the world if you have a little extra vertical space. As you can see, this relatively small room has tremendous amounts of space for books and decór - notice the shelf almost reaches the ceiling, but it’s shallow enough to not stay too far outwards from the wall. If you don’t have horizontal space, create vertical space.

Also, think about how much smaller this would look if not for that mirror over there?

Use your walls

Use your home's interior walls to your DIY advantage
Source: House & Garden

This example is for kitchen design because I wanted to show how it applies to others room as well, but you can see this technique in pretty much every image from this article: embed well-placed shelves on the walls to store small appliances, silverware, pots, and, as we saw before, books. This saves a bunch of room and adds to the practically of it.

Choose your furniture accordingly

Choose your interior home furniture accordingly
Source: Homesthetics

This is a fine example of how to use everything in your favor. The bed has storage space below, the work desk is attached to the wall, and the books are stacked on a high shelf, that has enough space to combine with the desk to leave a nice extra room for decór.

Notably, the posters match the general color scheme and make it so the room looks more organized. You will notice that if you look for “small rooms”, most of them will look pretty much like this one. Here’s another example:

Choose your white bedroom furniture accordingly
Source: Hotshot Themes

See? Lighter colors, embedded drawers and good use of the walls for vertical space. This is a terrifyingly small room, but with this set up, it works just fine.

Glass furniture

Glass furniture makes a real statement for interior home design
Source: Linda Berner

For obvious reasons, it has the same effect as furniture with exposed legs: because of its transparency, it gives the impression of more room space.

Also, there are those mirrors again. I wonder why.


See, it’s not that hard, is it? If you favor practical ideas, it’s pretty straightforward. If you want to research a little more, recently we talked about "How to Decorate Your Small Room Like a Designer" and “10 Professional Decoration Tips You Can Do Right Now” - and guess what, THERE ARE MIRRORS THERE TOO.

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