Today, there seems to be a dedicated tiny house movement across the country that shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. The people groups involved in the trend come from all different walks of life and include many different age groups as well.

Read on for some interesting information regarding the benefits of tiny home living and prepare to be astounded by the possibilities! 

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What is tiny home living & why are so many people drawn towards it?

The common definition of a tiny home is any house structure that measures less than 400 square feet. To get an idea of the difference in size of tiny homes and smaller traditional homes, compare the space differences. A small home runs about 2,500+ square feet, whereas the tiny home measures a scant fraction of that number.

Some common reasons why people are drawn towards micro homes include:

  • Young millennial wanting to own a home but lack enough home for a traditional size
  • Retirees wanting to travel and/or downsize
  • Desire the ability to bring home anywhere they roam
  • Keeping the benefits of owning a home like homeowner's insurance without high mortgages
  • Reducing carbon footprint, which is better for the planet

Moving into a tiny home can reduce overall living costs

As the cost of living and other household expenses continue to soar to new heights, more people are interested in reducing their overall living costs without having to rent a house. Buying a tiny home could be the ideal solution to this common financial concern. While the average tiny house cost is broad, the majority will still be less expensive overall in time.

The ability to take tiny homes along when traveling or moving

Having the ability to quickly pick up and take your tiny home along when traveling to different locales or when moving to a new area is mind-blowing. This mobile tiny house concept is modeled after traditional mobile homes and pull-along campers. All that's needed is wheels or a trailer with wheels.

Imagine being able to wake up in one rural area and go to sleep in a different location without the need to make travel accommodations or spend much time packing up and setting up camp elsewhere. All the homeowner of a tiny house has to do is hook up the wheeled trailer to the motor vehicle that will pull it.

Terrific for seniors wanting to travel after retirement

Seniors and travel enthusiasts like the freedom that owning a small house can bring. Retirees can hit the road with their home traveling along. Since this is an actual home structure, it is far more comfortable than living in small pop-up campers or tents and has the ability to be parked in a permanent location during certain months of the year.

The interiors of these micro houses are truly stunning in detail and space saving design details. These houses can be custom designed and built to suit anyone's design preferences, storage requirements and space needs.

Before making a large investment, it is recommended that first time tiny home enthusiasts rent one before making that important commitment. This enables people to get a realistic feel of what life in one of these tiny homes will really be like.

Living a tiny home lifestyle lessens our carbon footprint

Committing to tiny house living benefits the planet and all of its rich and natural resources. This is because this lifestyle can lower each family's or individual's carbon footprint in the process of living an adventurous lifestyle.

Should I go for it?

If you’re interested in migrating into a micro home, take some time to learn more about the average tiny house cost and various tiny house lifestyle options. While this life may not be for everyone, more people today are discovering how simpler and less stressful life in general can be by opting to lead a tiny house lifestyle. One of these beautiful tiny homes could be your family's next dream habitat that can give a lifetime of unforgettable experiences.

Ready to make a decision? Talk to a tiny house builder and request a free quote for your dream project! 


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